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How to Grow Legal Medical Marijuana the Easy Way To Have a Big Harvest

Updated on October 5, 2011
Fat Legal Medical Marijuana Bud
Fat Legal Medical Marijuana Bud

Easy step-by-step instructions for folks who don't have any green thumb experience

I have had some great harvests in the past and some not so great bounties (can be read in this previous entry My New Experiences in Outdoor Gardening of Legal Medical Marijuana). Since becoming a master legal medical marijuana grower my favorite way has evolved into hydroponic growing. The following are the different steps/phases of getting the most out of your hydro harvest.

Phase One: If at all feasible, start with a clone rather then try to grow your own personal from seed. There will be two big advantages for you to use clones. First, they've already overcome the most difficult growth period (that couple of weeks from seed starting to germination to first shoot). Secondly, and perhaps the most important thing is that starting with a clone will guarantee your plant will be a girl. There's nothing worse than spending two or three months nuturing your plants only to realize they are dudes.

Phase Two:
Plant your clones inside your hydroponic system. If your current clones were started inside rock wool cubes, plant the whole cube but be sure you take off the wrapper which surrounds the fours sides of the cube first. I recommend putting some black plastic over the rock wool cube to eliminate an opportunity of algae forming.

Warning #1: Don't get carried away. There are six mesh grow pots inside aBubbleponics system. That doesn't imply you should grow six plants simultaneously. I like to commence with at least four clones to discover which ones are the best. As soon as I can, I eliminate two of the plants, leaving me with two healthy plants to cultivate to harvest.

Phase Three: Add water. Tap water is excellent and it's usually already adjusted on the optimum pH level connected with 6. 5. It's wise to let the water set for some hours before introducing it into the hydro system.

Phase Four: Turn your hydroponic set up on. For the first couple weeks you'll be using lighting that should be predominately 6500° K in addition to leaving the lights on round the clock twenty four hours.

Cautionary Warning #2: Become Patient. Wait at least a week to 2 weeks to add any nutrients. Any earlier using the nutrients and you run the danger of 'burning' your crop .

Phase Five:
Add vegetative nutrients. Every two to three weeks drain yourhydroponic system completely and add a brand new batch of nutrients.

Phase Six:
When going into the flowering cycle it's important not to be greedy here. Your natural tendency is going to be to grow your plant as tall as possible. Here's the kicker...once you switch through vegetative growth cycle to flowering growth cycle your plant will probably continue to grow taller--anywhere by 18" to 24" high. Without control of the height in ones grow cabinet/closet/tent, you're going to end up getting plants that grow beyond the lights. To determine when to begin flowering stage just take the height of your current grow area and subtract three feet and that is a good point. This length is the uppermost level of height you should allow your plants to get before switching to its flowering mode. So, if your grow tent is just about five feet tall, you might want to make sure you begin flowering mode when your own plants reach two feet in height.

Phase Seven:
Six to eight weeks after starting flowering cycle (which is accomplished by changing that light to TWELVE HOUR PERIOD hour lights on, TWELVE HOUR PERIOD hour lights off cycle, and switching to blooming nutrients). Soon your plants are going to be ready to harvest. I usually harvest one main branch during a period and clip off as much of the leaves I can. Then hang the trimmed branch inverted in a dark, well ventilated space for about a week. Again, patience is a virtue....leave your plants drying until the branch breaks or cracks, rather than folds, if you bend it. Cut all the medical marijuana buds off and place them in a cardboard box or paper grocery bag and let them dry another 2-3 days. All that's left is always to enjoy your crop.

Some more tips : The first thing to remember is always that marijuana is a weed plant. This means you should have to actually try if you want to kill it. A lot of experts will explain to wear surgical latex gloves when handling your plants, and to carefully balance a the water's pH levels, and to get ventilation fans in place and make it certain that the temperature falls among 70° and 80° F.

Effectively, let me tell you: I've never worn equipment, never tested my water's pH amounts, keep the front with my grow tent open up during lights-on periods with regard to ventilation, and have successfully harvested crops in temperatures starting from 65° to 110° F. For additional practical tips and myths, read my weblogs.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your legal medical marijuana medicine grow!


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      7 years ago

      is the ''mortgage lifter'' worth buyin if u have the money 4 it?will it grow good buds?


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