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My Epic Fail in Growing a Medical Marijuana Medicine Garden

Updated on August 4, 2014

My 1st attempt at growing legal medical marijuana medicine in California for my documented chronic back pain, which I have a state backed medical license for.

As I get older my first gardening experiences stick in my head. I have since graduated to an expert legal medical marijuana medicine grower and I have even used the AeroGarden to grow some killer legal marijuana buds almost the size of my forearm. But back then, I was just about ready to give it all up because my resulting crops were a disaster. A farmer I was not, but it's a great thing that I didn't give up on gardening and growing the legal medical marijuana crop that I need for my bouts with pain.

It all began when I moved In my new home.

I had been renting lofts and apartments and I was just happy to have a yard to do yard work and such. Of course, I had plans to do a little painting here and there but I also had major plans of starting my medical marijuana garden because lets face it, the price of the medicine can be a strain sometimes. The problem with this is I never grew anything in my life besides a Chia Pet. How hard can it be was my attitude. Mother nature is always growing stuff without a humans help so I will use her as my guide.

My backyard had a very nice area that got a lot of sunshine and it looked that the previous owner had a garden going on himself but it didn't look too good.

There was rocks and wild weeds everywhere. It took me a few days to clear the space for my expectant babies to have a nice cozy spot to grow. Nice and clean with plenty of dirt but little did I know that there was a difference between soil and dirt. I found out later that the dirt was not so good.

So hurt and sad, I went onto the net and searched for a gardening guide and I came across a website that broke down the true skills that it took to be a good gardener. That's where I learned about soil consistency, nutrients, ideal watering conditions, seasons, and all those things. After I read up on my area and how to grow medical cannabis buds, I learned exactly what to do. I learned about getting the best soil, when and where to plant the seeds, how much H2O to use , etc. Just a night of seeking information on the internet and printing gardening cheat sheets, and I was on point and ready for my next legal medical weed planting season.

If you are like me and want to start a garden please learn from my misadventures... Please, I repeat...PLEASE make sure you do the right research and learn about the different strains that you are trying to grow. Get some good soil and fertilizers and some inexpensive garden tools and gadgets to help in your growing quest. My mission is to not have you go through the sad mess that I went through just to get your medicine... I was so sad but I have since made up for that piss poor effort that I call my first attempt of growing medical marijuana.

Legal Medical Marijuana Medicine
Legal Medical Marijuana Medicine

I did everything I could to make the area for the garden look like something I could be proud of and I was, but I think even Martha Stewart would of had problems.

I found some old boards on the side of the house to make borders for my garden so the pests who couldn't dunk a basketball would have a hard time getting in. I made something looking like a temple shrine with the rocks I collected for keeping the bad energies away. I must have been on something when I did that... Of course.

I already had some seeds and some clones that were from a great legal medical marijuana dispensary nearby. Yeah! Unfortunately the clones died before I got a chance to plant them. I dug a hole in the solid ground and put seeds in. Next, I watered everyday like clockwork for weeks before it dawned on me that nothing was growing. But still I continued to water hoping for a miracle. Eventually I knew I was wasting my time and I was crushed. All those days of cleaning the area and building the garden I had nothing to show for it. Until I can get my skills up to par I will have to continue visiting the local legal marijuana dispensaries in my city.

Sometimes that can be tough because the legal marijuana collectives aren't cheap.


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