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How to Install Sliding Closet Doors in Eight Simple Steps

Updated on August 29, 2012

How to Install Sliding Closet Doors in Eight Simple Steps

Whether you have old tracks to work with or not, installing sliding closet doors is not nearly as difficult as you may imagine. These eight steps will help you easily remove your existing door, lay down the track, mount your rollers and then hang your new door.

Getting Started

Installing closet sliding doors allows for easier access to your clothing and really perks up the appearance of your bedroom.

  1. Measure - You have to measure the entire opening of where the doors are going to go. Always measure both the top and bottom just to be on the safe side and take these measurements with you when you venture to the hardware store.
  2. Pick Your Material - This will ultimately depend on your current d├ęcor or the look you are trying to achieve. If you choose unfinished timber, don't forget to buy stain! Keep in mind that mirrors are a popular option. Not only are they practical, they make your space look bigger!
  3. Prep the Doors - You may need to sand and stain if you happen to be using raw materials but many doors already come ready to install so this step may not be necessary.
  4. Remove Your Old Doors - This may be a step you already did, either way, the old doors needs to be removed, this includes the current track because there is little chance that your new doors will properly fit them.
  5. Install Your Track - Install the lower and upper tracks with your drill. Take care to be sure it fits snug against the opening. If you must, use a shim for leveling purposes.
  6. Mounting - Be sure screws are seated nice and tight so roller movement won't be interfered with. However, do be careful not to make them too tight or they will warp and inhibit smooth operation.
  7. Add Rollers - Use the manufacturer's instructions to mount the rollers on the doors. If you bought a prepackaged kit, there is a good chance this will be done for you.
  8. Finalize - Hang your new sliding closet doors on their tracks!


  • Always wear safety gear such as gloves, goggles and work boots or shoes when working on home improvement projects.
  • You may need an extra pair of hands when installing sliding closet doors to make sure you don't get injured or cause damage to the door.


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