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How to be the Most Productive on the Weekend, Holiday, or Summer Break

Updated on December 14, 2012

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

You may have the weekends off regularly, or you may just happen to have this coming weekend, holiday, or entire summer off. You also want to do something more than loaf around your place the entire time. If you need some helpful tips on how to be more productive on the weekends, or any other time you have a break, you have come to the right place! Here are a few tips on how to successfully be productive over the weekend, holiday, or summer.

Tip #1 - Plan Ahead

The best way to figure out how to spend your break is to plan it out. If you don't plan it out (maybe a few days, for a weekend, to a few weeks, for a longer break, ahead) you more than likely will shrug off anything you were planning on doing that break. However, if you have solid goals and plans for the weekend you are more likely to accomplish whatever it is you need to do.

Tip #2 - Figure out What Needs to be Done

Planning ahead is the first part in this, if you have nothing to do, you can't really plan ahead. However, you should always try to figure out some things that needs to be done over the weekend in order to plan for them. A few common things to do over weekends are:

  • Yard Work
  • House Work (Clean, Organize, Etc.)
  • Volunteer
  • Catch up on Work
  • Catch Up on Homework
  • Catch Up on Journaling / Blogging
  • Learn Something New
  • Repair Something Around the House
  • Anything Else you Need to Do

For longer breaks you might try the following:

  • Take up a new hobby
  • Build something
  • Work on a novel or short story
  • Remodel a room of your house
  • Start an online business
  • Start a part-time side job
  • Learn something new

With these things you can sit down and plan out a schedule for your weekend and goals that you want to accomplish.

Tip #3 - Be Realistic

One folly of the person who wants to achieve a lot on the weekend, or any break, is over scheduling yourself. You may have a lot to do or a little to do, but if you plan too many different things or too big of a project, you may find yourself overwhelmed and doing nothing instead of being productive. You might also have a half finished project by the time your break is over, which is also not good! Sometimes when you are overwhelmed you may cry out, "I GIVE UP!" and not accomplish anything.

To battle this plan everything in small chunks and be realistic with your break goals. If you are planning to do something that you know bores you, break it up with enjoyable activities in between. If you have a large project, spread it out over the entire weekend or break rather than taking it all on in one day. This way you will be more motivated and it is just as rewarding when you accomplish several small tasks as it is accomplishing one large task.

Tip #4 - Reward Work With Fun

Finally, don't forget to include fun things! If everything you are doing all weekend, or break, is monotonous labor, you really aren't going to want to do it all weekend, all break, or ever again. Make plans for fun. Go out the night after you accomplish something big! Make it your reward to do something you want to do after you reach your weekend goals! Always make sure to reward yourself. The satisfaction of a job well done is even greater when you can go out for a night of stress free fun.


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