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How to Create Your Own Container Herb Garden

Updated on May 19, 2017

Container herb gardening can actually work for people who have space constraints. So if you’re one of those who live in apartment complexes, condominiums, or in other high-rise buildings that have no yard space, then you can still create your very own container herb garden. Planting fresh herbs in the comforts of your own home is an exciting and fun undertaking; and it definitely brings some function and freshness to the table.

Decide on what kinds of containers to use

Even if you’re a professional, or someone who’s just starting (herb gardening for beginners), preparations should always come first. Knowing if you’ll be creating an outdoor or indoor herb garden will also help in deciding which containers to use for your herbs. There are an array of choices, and you may even have a pick from wooden baskets, to large clay pots, to porch boxes.

Containers should also match the size and growth size of your herbs

It is possible to squeeze in herbs into just one container, unless the size growth of these herbs are tiny. So you might want to check your herbs first before planting them into your outdoor or indoor herb gardening pots (you can also consider setting up a kitchen herb garden). You’ll still have to be realistic about the sizes for which your plants can potentially reach unless you wanted these to look messy later on. 

Choose your potting soil will help you for the long run

Only use soil that is loose. But if it’s compact, you may mix the soil using a rake or a spade (or other gardening equipment that can be of good use). Using compact loose will only hinder both moisture and oxygen to penetrate the soil. Now if water and air does not flow properly into your indoor or outdoor potted plants, essential nutrients may not be absorbed well by your herbs. At the same time, it will also be a good idea to apply it with some organic fertilizer.

Herb gardening on large pots
Herb gardening on large pots | Source

Choice of herbs to plant

It’s also advisable that you start planting seeds or seedlings for your herb garden. So if you’re concerned about how long you’ll wait for these herbs to grow, then you won’t have to wait for long. The majority of herbs that are used for cooking are usually fast-growing. You can even have your pick of oregano, sage, thyme, basil, dill, chives, and parsley. The choices are endless.

For a container herb garden to work effectively, it’s best that you always pick (you can do this by means of pinching or snipping) your herbs. When your herbs are frequently picked, these will grow more. And of course, never forget to give your herbs some watering. But only do so when your soil looks dry.

Other essentials when doing herb gardening using containers

Lighting is also another important factor when it comes to container gardening, as the majority of herbs actually require a full sun. So when picking out your choice of herbs, it would be best to know each one’s lighting needs. For most herbs, some of these plants will need about 6 hours worth of sunlight on a daily basis. And since these will be planted inside containers, you can easily have your herbs moved around to a more conducive location (containers like these also provide mobility). So when the sun is scorching or when the winds are blowing extremely, you can easily move your herbs somewhere safer.

Aside from the lighting requirements, you can also consider supplementing your herbs with some organic fertilizer, managing a worm farm to supply yourself with organic fertilizer is a good idea. Although adding some extra nourishment on your herbs can be a good thing, you should also make sure not to over do the fertilizing too. Some herbs can also go without any just like oregano and thyme.


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    • frankwiggler profile image

      frankwiggler 6 years ago from Spring Grove, PA

      Thanks Tony and Holy! Good luck with your organic gardening :)

    • holyjeans30 profile image

      Amy D. 6 years ago from Mostly in My Own Little World

      My kids bring these home from time to time from school. I've been thinking of a way to get some of these started as a fun project for me to do with them. Great Hub, thank you.

    • Tony Locicero profile image

      Tony Locicero 6 years ago from Inverness Florida

      Great hub. I travel quite a lot and stay for extended periods in places. I generally make sure I have a kitchen and I often start a herb garden. Easy enough to give it away when I head back for home...