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Indian Home Décor - Urban Punjabi Home Interior Décor

Updated on May 31, 2011
A Punjabi Wedding
A Punjabi Wedding
Graceful interiors
Graceful interiors

In my previous article I discussed some of the basic aspects of home décor in rural Punjab. In my current article I will talk about urban Punjab and what to expect in home décor trends there.

An aspect perhaps well known about Punjabi city people is their penchant for fashion. The latest trends in Indian clothing are first adopted in this former princely state before they migrate to the rest of the country and even the world. The famous Patiala Salwar Kameez is Punjab’s eternal gift to ladies fashion. But more about that later.

Coming to the cities of Punjab, it is here that the boisterous nature of Punjabis really emerges. Having more money to spend than their village counterparts, the home décor is typically a mix of modern and traditional. While European and other western culture may find its takers in part, most homes prefer Indian wooden furniture.

The sitting space is generally well defined in the form of a separate living room, and colorful curtains and bedspreads would be found adorning the home. Punjabis being fond of color, this generally shows through in their homes.

Traditional seating on the floor is generally not followed, and you would find comfortable seating on chairs and sofas to be popular. Removing of shoes outside the home is generally not followed as the homes are not essentially heavily carpeted. You can wear your shoes inside most Punjabi homes, though of course it would be good if you scrape off the mud or dust. Remember Punjab is pretty dusty in summers and muddy in the rains.

Punjabis are happy to welcome guests and are very warm hearted people in general. Guests generally cannot leave without having a hearty Indian meal or at least a drink, so accepting it graciously would do a world of good to your relations with your host. Unlike several other parts of India, expect a meal to contain at least one non-veg dish of chicken, and drinks to form a part of every social gathering.

Most Punjabi homes are spacious and having well spread out settings. Space is generally not a constraint in Punjabi homes, and children would prefer to move out and make a new home rather than be constricted by tight surroundings. Punjabis love to splurge and show off, and would be the last to be seen staying in smaller homes if they can afford a bigger one.

You can generally make out at a glance the homes of people who have recent migrated to the cities from rural Punjab from those who are traditional city dwellers. The former would have bright colors with material such as ceramic tiles, marble tiles et all decorating their exteriors. Homes of the latter would use more subtle material, such as Granite, or larger slabs of marble, but would be equally attention seeking. Show off of wealth is an important part of Punjabi culture, and what could be a better way than this?

The extremely popular dance form of the ‘Bhangra’ is Punjab’s gift to the world, and no party across the world today is complete without at least a few steps of the ‘Bhangra’.

To put it in perspective, Punjab is generally to India what Texas is the USA, with its large hearted people and rich, vibrant culture. Go ahead and bring the vibrant Punjabi culture into your home with Phulkari cushions and cotton rugs.


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