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Toothpick Holders | Cactus, Kipik, Wooden & Hedgehog

Updated on February 1, 2015

When you think of it, is there really any need for toothpick holders? Maybe you don’t find any utility in them, but once you have a look at these wonderfully designed toothpick holders, you will want to include them in your utensil set. Your canapé’s will no longer be a dull affair with these toothpicks and their holders.

1. Cactooph Toothpick Holder

With this toothpick holder, you will not need to go to the Nevada Desert to see a lifelike Cactus.

Branded as the Cactooph toothpick holder, it is a nice decoration for your canapés especially if you are all for exoticism or escapism with a touch of fun.

It is also functional and very easy to use – just poke the toothpicks into the holes of the holder and remove them when you want to enjoy small appetizers.

The Cactooph toothpick holder is usually green in color and comes with 22 toothpicks as standard. Please note that this equipment is not dishwasher safe – not a major problem given that it is small and easy to wash manually.

2. Potted Cactus Toothpick Holder

Another cactus themed toothpick holder, this ingenious design is best suited as a Christmas gift which the recipient is likely to be pleasantly surprised.

When closed, the Potted Cactus Toothpick Holder looks just like any other potted plant model toy. But when you want to remove a toothpick, you just pull the cactus part up and they are revealed in a neat, concentric pattern.

Once you are through using it, you just lower the cover and it returns to its normal potted design. If you are looking for something to gift your loved ones and are on a low budget, this toothpick holder is sure going to please the recipient without breaking the bank.

3. Voodoo Fred Ouch Toothpick Holder

The Voodoo Toothpick Holder Fred Ouch is a neat Halloween themed piece that is based on the much feared religious cult that originated in West Africa.

You do not have to be afraid though as this Voodoo piece is very harmless and is a nice way of presenting your cocktail sausages as well as olives, adding a fun dimension to your Halloween appetizers.

Your guests will go crazy with this impressive toothpick holder which carries up to 36 pieces and comes with grey colour as standard.

4. Tropical Party Toothpick Holder

The tropical fauna comes alive with the Tropical Party Toothpick holder which contains a variety of animals as you would find in the tropics.

There are turtles, fish, parrots and other birds in this colorful toothpick holder. Add color to your appetizers as you reminisce on the lovely days gone by on the beautiful tropical beaches.

The holder itself is also multicolored with tasteful patterns that will surely blend well with any appetizer. Gift your family and friends this festive season with this piece and don’t forget to keep one or more sets for yourself.

5. Pelican Salt & Pepper Shaker + Toothpick Holder

An ideal gift idea for the people who admire well-crafted artistic pieces. It is a multifunctional piece that contains a salt and pepper shaker as well a toothpick holder shaped like a pelican.

The novel idea of putting these pieces together is what makes it a must-have for the dinner table and as a gift during the Christmas festivities.

All pieces fit beautifully into a blue base representing the ocean and the whole will give your dinner table a much-needed aesthetic boost.

6. Hummingbird Toothpick Holder Set

These small, practical and original accessories will soon become indispensable at parties. Consisting of six hummingbirds, the toothpicks are made from a stainless steel rod and a bird at their ends.

In order to prevent mix-up during usage, the hummingbird toothpicks are colored as well as textured differently.

These toothpicks will add some humor and color to your dinner table so do not shy from including them together with the others so as to add more variety.

The set comes with six toothpicks topped with differently colored birds and measure 9.5cm X 1.2cm. Say goodbye to the unoriginal wooden toothpicks and say hello to reusable and fun to use dinner accessories!

Kipik Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

This is definitely an idea that will continue been a hit for a long time to come and will never cease to amaze with its sheer ingenuity.

The Kipik Hedgehog Toothpick holder fits neatly on the side of a regular bowl or plate and makes for a trendy evening gift theme for any type of party be it Halloween of Christmas. Your friends will green with envy as they observe you wowing your guests with this wonderful item.

For sport lovers, the checked flag toothpick design is nice theme for your party.

Each flag is a toothpick that can be used as a fork to savour those delicious canapé that you have prepared for your guests.

The ideas using these toothpicks and the others mentioned above are many and you are only limited by your imagination.

So go ahead and try out different ideas for your Christmas or Halloween parties using these toothpick holders and wow your guests.


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