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Kitchen Floor Mats, Interlocking Mats, Anti Fatigue Mats, Foam Mats, Industrial Mats and Commercial Floor Mats

Updated on January 20, 2015

Kitchen Floor Mat

What you should Consider When Buying Kitchen Floor Mat. The changing trends have brought about not just better and newer looks but also a lot of utility to our lives. Consumers have stopped going for things which are just there as a trend. People prefer to buy things which resolve multiple issues.

This is especially the case with home décor, where people prefer to buy materials which are not just beautiful or attractive. People go for materials which are inexpensive and at the same time are environmentally friendly. These need to look nice as well.

When buying kitchen floor mat, most of the users have this consideration that they should not just be attractive looking. They need to have other qualities which make them worth buying.

A Kitchen Floor Mat Should Be Easy To Clean: every kitchen has its spills and splashes. If the mat is such that it cannot be cleaned completely then having it in the kitchen means a lot of germs in the kitchen.

A Kitchen Floor Mat Should Not be Slippery: most people move around the kitchen a bit hurriedly, so it will only be safe if the floor is not slippery. This is important because slippery kitchen floors lead to many accidents.

It Should be Soft: the fact that hard surfaces cause tiredness should always be kept in mind. Why should anyone get tired when there is an option available to use softer flooring around that does not affect your health and make you stand comfortably for an extended time without feeling any fatigue?

It Should Be Eco Friendly: certain synthetic materials are known to emit toxic vapors and are bad for health. Always look for an eco label when searching for materials which are likely to stay in your regular use on regular basis. Flooring is one item which is likely to stay around and will be walked upon frequently. Always consider getting flooring made from natural materials which will not have effects on your health and environment.

Always make sure your kitchen is the cleanest and the safest place in the house for healthy living.

Interlocking Floor Mats
Interlocking Floor Mats

Interlocking Floor Mats

What is Interlocking Floor Mats. We all have heard of them and most of us have walked up on them too, but we have never given them a second thought, what really is interlocking floor mats?

To be honest this is not the newest technology I would say that it is the best amalgam of several different technologies interlocked together. The basic idea behind interlocking floor mats is:

1. Convenience
2. Comfort
3. Insulation


Interlocking floor mats are basically small pieces of flooring which have the capability to interlock with each other and can be expanded to fit any size of space in any shape. This could be done to other floorings as well but over here the convenience is that you can remove it and lay it out in another space with different dimensions without cutting or gluing odd looking pieces. The interlocking floor mats gives you the freedom to quickly remove it or lay it out without any professional help. You can have them change over to any shape or size at any time. This is what real convenience is all about.


The interlocking floor mats ate made of rubber and foam which gives them the softness that you require under your feet as you walk around in your own home. Use them as exercising mats or lay them out in your kid’s playroom and you can be sure that they are comfortable even if they sleep on them.


Rubber and foam are both considered to be the best insulation materials and are extensively used for this purpose all over the world. Having interlocking floor mats laid wall to wall in your house will give you complete insulation from the ground. This is one way to conserve on your heating expenses in the longer run.

Interlocking floor mats comes in a variety of designs textures and colors to suite your requirements and convenience.

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats For Meditation:

Meditation is a way to relax and regain lost concentration. This is the best way to rid you of ill effects of stress and other related problems. Meditation helps people by consciously converging their concentration on to one point and locking out all other thoughts out of your mind for a specific duration. Usually people need to sit in a silent and comfortable environment and meditate.

To meditate it is important to sit in an environment where there is least distraction and your posture is such that you do not feel any fatigue. Many people use meditation chairs or mats for this purpose. Another way is to use anti fatigue floor mats.

Anti fatigue floor mats are made of rubber and have a soft underlay of foam. This gives the user adequate comfort and the meditating person can sit in one posture for hours without feeling any tiredness or fatigue. This is the best way to gain maximum benefit out of this concentration exercise.

Most people tend to quit meditation for the reason that they fail to achieve what they desire out of meditation. People who use anti fatigue floor mats are usually the ones who do to end up quitting because they fail to concentrate.

The biggest reason for losing concentration during meditation is not noises from the surroundings, but an uncomfortable posture. Many people who do not listen to the voice of their bodies end up with problems such as sciatica or lumbago as they force themselves into sitting in an uncomfortable posture.

Anti fatigue floor mats provide them the comfort that they need as sitting on a hard surface definitely hurts the back while sitting on a softer surface prevents pressure on the back.

To gain benefits out of meditation it is important to know the basics and always find a guide who can help you develop your skill further.

Foam Floor Mats

Foam Floor Mats for Playrooms:

One of the biggest and all time point of concern for parents has been the safety of their kids in their play rooms. When your kid is at play in the living room or in a park, you or your spouse is always there to keep an eye on the little one.

But when they are at play in their play room things are a bit different. If there is more than one kid playing the concern is if they will have a fight or one of them might push the other one. You may have removed all possible things that could hurt your kid but the floor is always there. You can’t possible convert you house into a sand box to prevent any fall injury.

Foam floor mats have solved this worry to some extent. A soft and thick mat on the floor that would prevent any injury to your kid as they play on the floor in their play room would make things safer for the kids. In fact many schools and day care centers have already adopted this as a way to make their rooms safe for the kids and at the same time look cool.

Foam floor mats are basically interlocking pieces of strong and dense foam which gives the softness and the user can choose the design and style of their own choice. This can make the kids play room look very attractive and bright.

If you are planning to redesign your kids play room, do consider this option because it is safe, durable and also insulates the floor. This allows your kid to play on the floor even during winters without the fear of catching cold. The designs are unlimited, in fact you can always make your own design as the interlocking allows you to pick different colors and then arrange as per your wishes.

Industrial Floor Mats

Benefits of Industrial Floor Mats:

Ever since the industrial revolution and the acceptance of health and safety laws for the industrial labors, factories have tried to improve the working environments for their workers. They have introduced many revolutionary concepts to make the work place more conducive. This has its own benefits for the industry owners as well, which includes lesser health issues and more productivity for them.

Today most of the industries are using industrial floor mats in their production area and at plant sites. The reason is that it gives them a lot of benefits. These benefits include:

1. Lesser vibration: most machinery produce a lot of vibration, which is harmful for both the workers and for the other units installed in the vicinity. For longer life of equipment installing industrial floor mats means reduction n ground vibration. This reduces fatigue in workers and improves productivity.

2. Noise reduction: as the industrial floor mats are made of rubber and vinyl, they act effectively as noise damper. This sound proofing effect again has a lot of positive impact on the workers. The working environments become more conducive for better output.

3. Prevents slipping: in many factories there is a lot of spillage or oils and other chemicals which increase the chances of slipping. Many factory owners pay heavy amount in form of compensation on account of workplace injuries. These mats absorb oils and other chemicals and reduce the accident rate.

4. Easy to clean: these mats are absorbent and yet easy to clean. This is what makes them perfect for use in hotel kitchens and in food package industry. They can be cleaned with low cost detergents and make the work place environments better for the workers.

Industrial floor mats do not cost much as compared to the benefits they offer. They have been successfully installed by most of the industries to make the work place conditions better and have found to improve their production improve overnight.

Gym Floor Mats

Why should you Use Gym Floor Mats?

There is a popular belief that exercising naturally is best for health. This is somewhat true, but we always forget that concrete floors are not natural. This is why a lot of people suffer from back aches when they start exercising on the floor.

To be honest this is the worst thing a person can do to himself. What everyone should know that natural floor is either sandy or grassy. This gives our body a natural support as our body is not straight but curved. So what our body requires is a base which is firm, like the hard floor with a softer layer at least two to three inches in thickness. This is what gym floor mats provide us.

People who exercise on gym floor mats find exercising much easier without straining the back muscles unnecessarily. This is because gym floor mats have the right thickness and provide the much needed support to the back.

Another reason for using gym floor mats is that they protect your floor from damage when you accidentally drop exercise equipment, such as weights. The mat buffers the impact and saves both the floor and the equipment. These mats are great for use both indoors and outdoors as they are convenient to carry because of their convenient size and weight.

The rubber and foam works as insulation and during winters you do not feel cold coming from the floor. The material is washable and easy to clean so you don’t have to smell the old sweat all the time. Just rinse it with water and it’s clean.

Remember exercising right is what gives results. If you don’t do it right chances are that it will harm you more than being beneficial. So the next time when you decide to work out make sure you are doing it on a gym floor mat instead of the hard floor.

Commercial Floor Mats

Do You Need Commercial Floor Mats?

Just think about this! You have your own office established. You have several people working for you there. New clients visit your office every day. The floor starts getting messy. People stop visiting you office. Business goes down. What is the reason?

Actually, no matter what type of tiles you install they wear out quickly. The glossy look disappears and the finishing starts to look crude. If you try to keep it clean all the time you need to hire another guy. Business is already slow these days. What should you do?

The best thing you can do in this situation is install commercial floor mats. Considering the facts that commercial floor mats are made of rubber, vinyl and foam, they last longer than the conventional flooring.

The commercial floor are very well suited for almost all sorts of businesses. May it be an office lobby or a factory site, they make the floor look pretty impressive.

Besides the looks, commercial floor mats are very durable and useful as far as insulation and soundproofing is concerned. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor flooring purposes and can change the entire ambience of your business.

In most of the cases you will find them in colors and texture that suits your style and taste to decorate your space. Once done you can rely on the fact that you will not need a replacement for many years.

At this time of crisis for the business community, it is equally important to remain presentable because no one wants to help a collapsing business, if your office looks like something that needs revival than be sure you will lose clients. So the least expensive and yet presentable option is getting commercial floor mats which will keep your office space in a presentable condition and yet cost you less in both installation and maintenance.

Commercial Entrance Mats - Necessity Or The Style To Your Building

Somehow in recent years the use of door mats is considered necessary for several reasons. Entrance mats are useful everywhere, it can be home, office, including schools, shops, factories, gyms, and much more.

Commercial entrance mats work better if they are in good condition, of course. In addition, they work better if they are in the right place. They also work as a miracle in combination with other types of carpets, because they can are responsible for tidiness throughout the place and plaza quickly and easily.

On the mat at the entrance in any commercial site, mat is almost always the first thing that visitors will be able to meet; they must be presentable and pleasant to the eye.

Instead of having them as a common, boring, find some very creative ways to entertain. Buy some big colour pattern mat, which is remarkable aesthetic form, and, better yet, they have been adapted like they really belong, and not be treated as rejected.

During the interior planning of the building you can also do with the logo of your organization, as well as emblems on the mat at the entrance, or use at home, you can be a family coat of arms. If you do not, you can create one.

Commercial entrance mats would be a choice that must be created from materials that are very good. It must be able to withstand heavy foot-traffic. They must also be able to cope with the weather.

It must be configured in a manner as to drain the water properly, to avoid any disturbance of the shoe, which will be held in rainy season. In addition, it should be proportional to the size of its own entrance to ensure that everyone who goes inside the commercial building will be able to clean the shoes from them.

To make sure that all their shoes napkins at each entrance to their facilities, I suggest you put a sign placed somewhere near the entrance.

Like everything else, they can pad the perfect level of functionality, if the treatment is done correctly. Make sure to clean your entrance mats are cleaned regularly and carefully.

You can use the supply pipes or just use the traditional bucket of water and detergents to clean them. Make sure that they are dried after cleaning, so no dirt will be added to the monitoring sites.

If you use entrance mats for the house, we can assume to require your visitors to remove their shoes to prevent dirt, which can actually be tracked in.

Floor Pads - Color Choices and Care

Do you use Kitchen Floor mats in your Kitchen?

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