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LED Votive Candles, Rechargeable LED Candles, Flameless LED Candles - Which LED Candle is for you?

Updated on July 6, 2009

Everyone’s been witness to the stock romantic comedy scene where Romeo leans across the table to share his soufflé and his sleeve suddenly bursts into flames. Ignoring this pyrotechnic impossibility, the scenario is somewhat plausible.

Is there a safer alternative or are seductive dinners and cheesy chick flicks doomed forever? To the rescue come flameless candles. These innovative wonders are, as their name states, flame-free and claim to be better than the real deal. Let’s explore the pros and cons, as well as some of the nifty features LED candles boast and see which one’s for you.

LED Candle Positives

On the positive side, flameless candles can be left unattended. They’re safe for children’s rooms, small nooks and crannies, and can travel just about anywhere. Most are battery operated, which means keeping those AAs on the shopping list, but more and more, LED candle makers are coming out with rechargeable versions. From Hampton Bay’s sleek three-socket, pewter base to tea lights in packs from 12 to 48, a simple barrel jack can keep your candles fully juiced forever.

If it’s variety you like, you’re in luck. You can find flameless candles, mostly from the battery-needed category, in an array of colors, fashions, and even fragrances. Glade Wisp is a flameless candle that combines a realistic flickering light with continual dispense of your favorite scent. You can find distressed textures, candles with faux-wax running down the side, or candles that blend from blues to greens to yellows, changing colors before your eyes.

Are LED Candles right for you?

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What is a Votive Candle?

Some have replica wicks and radiate a warm glow from within while others are topped with a flame shaped bulb and flicker like a tiny wind-blown blaze. Some are made of plastic to look like wax while others retain their real wax exterior and house an electronic system inside.

The two-colored, blow-on blow-off candle is an example of this. In addition to its waxy encasement, you can simply blow across its top to trigger the LED light and blow a second time to eliminate it.

So what’s not to love? For relatively simple technology, flameless candles can run you anywhere from $3 to $15. For some, this seems a bit pricey. If they’re run on batteries, you have to take into consideration the costs of keeping them lit. Although they come in fairly standard sizes, your favorite glass votive holder or front porch pillar base may not accommodate the shape of your new flameless candle.

It’s hard to overlook the safety aspect, one time cost associated with the rechargeable versions, and the convenience, versatility, and portability of a battery operated power option.

For windy outdoor activities or power outages, it’s nice to have these quick and user-friendly light sources around the house. So if you’re not married to the traditional feel of putting match to ashy wick, flameless, LED candles -rechargeable or battery dependent-may be for you.


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    • profile image

      Eliza Winters 5 years ago

      I really love the flameless led candles. My kids absolutely love candles for some reason. I wish that they didn't. I love the led candles because they are so much safer in my home. ( )