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Lawn Grass Growing Tips

Updated on August 31, 2011

Lawns are beauty of homes. Lush green lawns are must to have if you want to turn your neighbors green with envy and being active in neighborhood talks. The most important thing that makes your lawn beautiful, attractive, fresh and green is lawn grass.

Grass could grow and go green in just one night. It needs your time, patience and attention. Before going to do anything with your lawn’s grass, be sure that you have enough knowledge to deal with it, or else do try to read some tutorials or guideline. Here, in this piece of writing we would discuss some basic tips to grow lawn grass.

The Thumb Rule

Tips on grass growing do vary from one and another depends upon the climate condition, your place of living and type of grass. So, one and very first and most important thing to do is select the grass type accordingly. Do contact and survey local gardening shops and nurseries to know what type of grass could go better in your lawn and what is the right time to plant it. 

Preparing Soil

To grow grass in better way you must prepare the soil in the right manner, keeping in mind the type of grass you’re going to grow. For many of grass types autumn is pretty much better than any other season.

As grass’s root system is shallow not too much in the ground so, shallow tilling of soil could work good with that. The soil that is too much dry and rough can be fertilized by using organic fertilizers and land nutrient chemicals. But before using any such chemical on the soil, it is better to consult some gardening specialist in your area.

Sowing Seeds

The best way to sow grass seeds in to sow it on the bare soil, you can sow it in existing lawn as well.

Now the question arise is why bare land is better when grass seeds can be sowed with other plants and bushes exist in the lawn. The reason is that already exist root can affect the free moving of growing and germination of grass in a healthy and beautiful manner.

Fertilization And Irrigation

Step you have to take sowing the seeds are more important than sowing.

Now you have to be more careful with your lawn. After sowing seeds, it is important to irrigate the soil properly. The soil must be soaked sincerely.

When the grass just start growing, in simple words when it start germinating fertilize it. Pick a fertilizer according to type and of grass.

Control the amount of fertilizer if the grass is not open all the day to the sun.

Wrong type of fertilizer and/or inadequate can ruined you grass and destroy the soil very badly. In early week, you may have to do that every second day.

This is something you wouldn't want in your lawn.
This is something you wouldn't want in your lawn.

Controlling The Weeds

Weeds destroy the grass as well as other plants and bushes. To keep and maintain a healthy and beautiful garden, keep weeds away from your plants and grass as much as possible. Weeds soak about all the water and nutrients that you give to your plants.

It starts a competition on water and other nutrients in the lawn mostly resulted in poor condition and unhealthy growth of plants and grass. You must remove weeds on regular interval to avoid bad condition of your lawn. Use of herbicides is also suggestible but do not get aggressive with it, it could harm your plants and grass as well. It is better to pick mild one as compare to strong herbicides.

Mowing Is Not Butchering

Mow the grass; do not butcher your lawn. Adjusting blade at an appropriate height plays an important role in making grass look beautiful and healthy. Many do set blade at lower height while most set it least possible height and move the mowing machine aggressively in the lawn with the idea in mind that they making the grass better. It’s not making it better at all; it is killing all little grass that is to survive in your lawn. So do mowing at an adequate height just to trim the grass not to kill it.

Water It Well

Do water your grass in an adequate amount. Watering too much may turn your lawn into mud while watering too much little may turn the lawn dry. So, to stay the lawn fresh do water it in an adequate amount.

Lawn Grass Mowing Tips


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