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Lemon Balm Fresh From The Garden

Updated on July 7, 2016

Lemon Balm Leaves


Lemon Balm Plant And Leaves


Growing Lemon Balm


Melissa officinalis Or Better Known as Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) Is a lemon flavored perennial from the mint family. It is a versatile herb that cooks love. Lemon Balm can be added to a variety of dishes that are both savory and sweet, giving those dishes just a hint of lemon.

Lemon balm is a very frost hardy plant, It prefers full sun or partial shade where summers are hot. It is quick growing, and looks very pretty along paths, herb gardens, or in a pot or container .

Lemon balm is known for its tangy lemon flavoring, lemon balm also makes a delightful tea that can be used to relieve stomach aches. The lemon scented foliage is also used in potpourri and herbal vinegar's.

About Lemon Balm

Life cycle
Full sun to partial shade
Average fertile soil
Keep moist
Height /soread
2ft x 2ft
Pest/ diseases
possibly red spider mites , white fly

Growing Lemon Balm

After you have purchased your young plants, or seeds of lemon balm, or have already started them indoors, you can plant then outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. Plant them in the soil about 12 inches apart, in full sun or partial shade. Keep the soil moist, by doing so it will encourage the leaves to grow tender and succulent.

Lemon balm will grow to about two feet tall, growing spikes with white flowers.

During the growing season, you will want to cut the plant back by about a third of the size.. You will probably do this two or three times during the season. This will control reseeding and keep the leaves young and tender..In other words, you do not want the plant to reseed.

Growing lemon balm in an herb garden along with other herbs and plants, such as, purple basil, love-in-a-mist, dill will not only be pleasing to the eye, but the nose as well.

When planting in a herb garden, plant neighboring herbs that have contrasting colors and textures , so that both plants stand out. Of course you will also have to consider heights.

How To Freeze Lemon Balm

Making A Lemon Balm Infused Oil

Cooking With Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a plant similar to mint. Discover how to freeze and preserve lemon balm with the help of a professional caterer in this free video.

It makes a comforting herbal tea on its own, as lemon balm has a sweet, honey like, citrus flavor and scent, with just a hint of mint. By simmering the fresh leaves for just a few minutes, rather than steeping them as is usual with most herbal teas.

Both hot and cold beverages alike, will benefit from the refreshing taste of lemon balm. Try adding a few sprigs of lemon balm to a cup of chamomile or ginger tea, or even to a glass of ice cold lemonade.

Try adding it to other foods such as fruit salad and dessert, boned chicken breast, white fish filets. It is best to choose young leaves for the best flavor.

Essential Oil


Health And Healing With Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm (Melissa) comes from the Greek for " honey bee". Balm and bees have been linked together since ancient times. lemon balm, honey and royal jelly have the same healing and tonic properties.

Herbs have always played an important role in home medicine throughout the ages. Although scientist have not concluded that herbs can cure ailments, they have recognized herbs, soothing properties for everything from an upset stomach to the common cold.


: take for depression, nervous exhaustion, indigestion, nausea, and the early onset of colds and flu. Best to use fresh leaves.

Tincture : has a stronger but similar action to the infusion. Small doses (5-10 drops) are more effective. Best made from fresh leaves.

Compress : Use a pad soaked in the infusion to relieve painful swellings, such as gout.

Ointment : Use for sores, insect bites, or to repel insects.

Infused Oil : Use hot infused oil as the ointment or as a gentle massage oil for depression, tension, asthma, and bronchitis.


: Combine 5 ml oil with 100g ointment base for insect bites or to repel insect.

Massage Oil : Dilute 5-10 drops oil in 20 ml almond or olive oil, and use for tension or chest complaints.


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