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Rosemary And Its Many Uses

Updated on July 3, 2016

Rosemary shrub

Rosemary is a woody shrub, that when placed in the right location, can live for many generations.

The leaves of the Rosemary are widely used as seasoning.

The genus name means "dew of the sea".

This is because the native habitat for Rosemary is on seaside cliffs in the Mediterranean region. It grows most luxuriantly just above the tide line, because it is tough and versatile it is able to tolerate the wind and salt spray.

Rosemary is a perennial herb. It has needle- like leaves that grow on a woody stem and branches...Its tree like branches make it possible to prune and train as an ornamental topiary.

Cooking with Rosemary

How to make a bouquet garni

In The Kitchen

Rosemary has many culinary uses. The leaves are used to flavor various foods, such as stuffing's and roast meats.

The piney taste of the rosemay leaves compliments meat dishes, such as lamb or pork.

Rosemary is beneficial to the health as it is high in iron, calcium and vitamin B 6.

Cooking with rosemary is thought to to strengthen your immune system and improve your digestion.

Some favorites are:

  1. Sprinkle crushed fresh or dried Rosemary over vegetables when roasting..
  2. Add finely chopped Rosemary to bread dough, or just sprinkle it on the top of the loaf before baking.
  3. Placing a whole sprig of fresh, clean Rosemary into a whole chicken or game hen before roasting.
  4. Rosemary is used in the creation of bouquet garni and then added to stews, soups and stocks. To learn how to make your own bouquet garni....See Video →
  5. Can be added to oil and vinegar along with other herbs to make a marinade for meats.

Rosemary is generally grown as a garden herb so that its fresh leaves are readily available for use whenever the need arises.

The Best Way To Store Rosemary:

If Fresh: Sprigs of Rosemary should stand upright in a glass of water, and placed in the refrigerator..Water should then be changed every day to insure freshness.

If Dried: Dried Rosemary should be kept in a tightly covered jar. Stored in a cool, dry place.

Rosemary Symbolizes remembrance, rosemary makes memorable meals when added to pork, fowl and potatoes.

Rosemary Tea


Rosemary A Favorite

One of your favorite herbs may be rosemary, because, rosemary may just come to the rescue, for a few of life's little essentials.

Rosemary contains important antioxidants and other compounds that help to prevent inflammation in the brain and slow the breakdown of neurochemicals vital to memory.

Even Shakespeare wrote a famous line : :There's rosemary, that's for remembrance....."

To use this fragrant plant , here are four ways:

Smell It : Scientists at the University of Cincinnati say that the scent of rosemary is an effective memory stimulant. Place a small plant on your desk or work area where you can crush a leaf and get a good whiff of it often. This is something I need to remember to do..

Rinse Your Hair : Make a double-strength rosemary tea (two tablespoons of fresh leaves, brewed with four to five cups of boiling water, steep for 10 minutes). Before using allow the tea to cool and use it to rinse your hair after shampooing.

Take A Bath : Pour the double strength tea into a warm bath, climb in and have a nice long soak.

Drink It : Make your own "UNFORGETTABLE" tea, place a tablespoon of fresh rosemary leaves into a tea ball (use one teaspoon if dried) and steep it in the teapot with your choice of black or green tea. Sweeten with honey if desired.



In The Medicine Cabinet

Rosemary has many medical uses.

The plant is said to improve the memory.

Rosemary Oil is used as antibacterial as well as anti fungal properties, can be used topically to sooth tired ,achy and sore muscles and headache. Also used in aromatherapy.

Cancer Prevention

Rosemary contains carnosol which has been found in studies to be a potent anti-cancer compound.


A good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin B 6


Rosemary herb parts, whether fresh or dried, are rich source of minerals

Rosemary Tea

Some believe that Rosemary tea is a helpful and natural remedy for nervous headache, colds, and depression.


Rosemary also used to kills germs when you use it as a Mouthwash and to gargle.
It is also used to prevent infections from minor cuts, by pressing fresh leaves onto the wound.


In The Garden

Rosmarinus officinalis

An easy to grow evergreen shrub or herb. It has narrow, aromatic leaves. Endures hot sun and poor soil, but needs good drainage.

Rosemary can be used as a decorative plant in the garden, as a border, a hedge or made into a topiary.

Its ½ to 1-inch , pale lavender-bluish flowers cover the plant in late winter to early spring. Rosemary has a pleasant fragrance and glossy leaves.

The flowers of the Rosemary actually come in a variety of colors, such as, white, pink, purple, or blue flowers, although the pale lavender-bluish color seem to be the most popular..

The blossoms of the Rosemary attract birds, butterflies,and bees which then produces excellent honey.

It does require full sun as well as well drained soil.

Need very little pruning. Even as a topiary, once the shape is established, it easy easy to maintain.

Prefers light, sandy soil laced with lime, planted in a south-facing area.

How To Make Rosemary Tea Using Freah Or Dried Rosemary


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