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Low Voltage Garden Lighting

Updated on June 23, 2011

Low Voltage Garden Lights

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of the home; it had adds a certain flare to the garden, something which, when one looks out the window, you can admire appropriately. Outdoor garden lighting can be done in many unique ways, allowing ones creativity to be used; there is no generic way to set up, for example, solar driveway lights - you can adjust and set them up in anyway you see fit. They light up the garden without distracting from the house; it's a perfect blend of technology.

There is a difference, though, between garden lighting and low voltage garden lighting, and the difference is the main reason why the latter is so popular. Low voltage garden lights are exactly how they sound: they are lights which require low voltage, or in other words very little electricity. This means they are much more efficient and won't take any big chunks out of your electricity bill. They are also usually dimmer than normal outdoor lighting, making them less distractive.

The question now then is: What kind of low voltage garden lights are for you?


Different Types of Low Voltage Garden Lights

There are many different types of low voltage garden lighting that you can choose from. The choices range from cheap,style, efficiency and brightness - it all depends on what you're looking for.

An Initial list is:

  • Solar driveway lights.
  • Solar powered garden lights.
  • Westinghouse solar outdoor lights
  • Low voltage decking lights
  • Low voltage yard lights.
  • Low voltage patio lights.
  • Solar walkway lighting.
  • Low voltage window lighting.
  • Automatic garden lights.
  • Automatic low voltage garden lights.

The bigger the garden the more lights needed.   In some cases the cheapest route is to buy solar powered low voltage garden lights.
The bigger the garden the more lights needed. In some cases the cheapest route is to buy solar powered low voltage garden lights. | Source

Extending Low Voltage Garden Lights

If you even decide you want to extend your low voltage garden lighting, make sure you get some expert advice.  Some sets won't allow you to add any more lights - don't have enough power to do so - while some will.  

Consult your local hardware store before doing anything serious.

Cheapest Low Voltage Garden Lights

All low voltage garden lighting uses LED technology. LED technology is a newly developed technology that feature light-bulbs that are around 90% more efficient previous designs. This makes outdoor lighting much cheaper than most interior lighting; interior lighting is still in the transitional stage between the two types of bulbs, many older homes not able to transition into the new technology.

One of the best way to go, and one of the cheapest ways to get low voltage garden lighting, is to go the solar-powered route. Solar powered garden lights have seen a recent surge in popularity and it is seen to continue to rise. Why are, for example, solar driveway lights so popular? Because after the initial investment there is no electricity bill to pay. Solar powered garden lights will basically pay for themselves; they will recharge via the rays of the sun during the day and then deplete that energy at night as outdoor garden lighting. It's the perfect cycle that we can easily take advantage of.

Another way to get the best value out of your low voltage garden lights is to extend the line of garden lights instead of purchasing new ones. This means instead of buying a whole new set of garden lights, you can just buy a cable connector and connect as many more as you desire; you can, if you need to, even replace a few low voltage garden lights that are out of commission.


While not as spectacular as this light show, your low voltage garden lights can have similar flare.
While not as spectacular as this light show, your low voltage garden lights can have similar flare. | Source

Low Voltage Garden Lights - Style and Brightness

Low voltage garden lighting can take many unique forms. You can arrange a set of lights in any way you choose, therefore allowing low voltage garden lights to be a feature of any, and I mean any, type of home. You just need to know the options you have and the styles to choose from.

Many people love, for example, low voltage decking lights because of their unobtrusive design. The most popular case of this is low voltage decking lights that are simply small orbs that go on the ends of the deck; in the day time they are basically invisible; at night the low voltage lights give a nice glow to enjoy the evening with.

Another great example of style are the low voltage yard lights you can purchase. Many of the lights comes in holders that resemble rocks, trees, twigs, plants, and other garden entities and thus camouflaging the light efficiently. This a much more discrete way to use low voltage garden lighting and is used to add atmosphere to your garden and not any sufficient lighting.

Low voltage garden lights come in many different colors as well. The best example is Westinghouse solar outdoor lights. These solar garden lights come in a wide array of colors - red, blue, yellow, green, and many more. For those who like to decorate with colors will love the ability to light up there garden.

Styles Include:

  • Different brightness.
  • Different colors.
  • Camouflaged lights.
  • Lights in stakes; look like orbs.
  • Lights drapes over the walls, windows, and patio.
  • Garden lights in the trees.



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