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Luxury Log Homes

Updated on January 24, 2013

If you have ever talked with someone who has built a log home from start to finish you may have noticed something a little bit different about them. This style of construction doesn’t only lend the pride of owning a new house, it goes far beyond. Log homes are a passion for many, and almost an addiction for others. Owners find it well worth the investment of time, money, and patience to see their new residence completed. In their minds there is no other option than to build a luxury log home.

All cabins are a joy to own, but there are some specific traits possessed by luxury log homes. A home in this category is typically at least larger than 2500 square feet, made from handcrafted logs, and includes floor plan variations to make it more dramatic. So let’s follow a mental journey of building a log home.

Luxury Log Home Under Construction


Luxury Log Home Location

Everything starts with land. The perfect location must be found before a floor plan can be finalized. Some people buy land years before they plan to build. Others shop for their log home first. We have found than most customers have loved log homes for an eternity and they have spent years saving and planning to build one. The fun part for us comes into play when people are within a few years of being ready to build. Within this time frame the land does have to be selected as it plays huge role in the actual home that someone is going to build. If a property is sloping, a walk out basement may be a great inclusion for the home. Whatever direction possesses the most dramatic view should be calculated into the floor plan. Many times the home is planned around the view so that the great room and the master bedroom suite can take full advantage of it.

Handcrafted Log King Truss

Luxury Log Home Floor Plans

Once the property is located then the search for just the right luxury log home floor plan should begin. Many companies have plan books viewable either on their websites or by purchasing one. A quick look will reveal the larger square footage plans. Each one was designed with a specific point or focus, so it is wise to look through many as each has something different to offer. It is not a bad idea to print off floor plans and then circle features that you find desirable in each.

Once you have some ideas, the next step is to contact a log home representative. With the power of the internet, many hours can be saved by looking through photo albums, floor plans, and product specific information about each company. Most luxury log homes are built in the handcrafted log home style. These logs are larger logs which are varied in diameter. The most highly crafted ones utilize the Scandinavian full scribe method. Also these home include such things as log roof systems, king trusses, stone fireplaces, and other features to increase the dramatic effect. Once you find a company that looks appealing go ahead and contact them. Describe your ideas and share with them your budget, land location, square footage of home, and the fact that you already have a few ideas on paper. A good rep will be able to give you ideas such as building costs, log home package costs, and site location tips.

After the initial conversation with the log home representative it is a good idea to send them all of your drawings, sketches, and marked floor plans. From this a preliminary price quote estimate can be made. This will yield an idea of how much the log shell will cost. For larger homes many companies price just the log shell first. Then modifications to the plan are made. And finally a full dry in package can be quoted once the floor plan is ironed out.

Log Home In The Snow

Log Home Builders

Once a plan is worked out and an initial quote done, then it is time to interview log home builders. Though many people are skilled at building houses, for a large log home it is important to find someone who is experienced and specializes in log. When handling logs with lengths up to 50 feet and 24 inches in diameter, the builder really has to know what they are doing. It is a good idea to meet personally with the builder and get a feel for him. Viewing completed houses and talking with other owners who have used the specific builder can yield very insightful information into the builder. It is also wise to speak with more than one. Selecting the right builder is so much more than just pricing. Quality, skill, qualifications, and personality all play major roles in the outcome of your home. Also ask your log home representative for builder referrals.

Stacked Log Home

Signing Log Home Contract

The next step is to sign a contact with your log home representative. Handcrafted log homes can take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to craft, depending on the size of the home, so it is important to figure that time into the building process. Once a contract is signed then the log home company can finalize drawings and begin building the log shell. It can take six to eight weeks to finalize the preliminary drawings and then another four to six weeks to make the construction drawings. Standing back and looking at the whole time frame this does not happen over night. It is important to go ahead and get started so that your home can be ready when you are planning to move in. Many times it takes twelve to sixteen weeks from the signing of the contract until the delivery of the logs. Bare in mind, sixteen weeks is four months – not four days.

Various companies offer different payments schedules. Some companies require a payment of $10,000 or more for the drawings, then they require a 90% deposit before the first log is even cut. That is pretty harsh terms in my opinion. Other companies allow a three step payment process. The first installment would be an initial deposit such as 15% to lock in the price and finalize the drawings. Then a payment of 35% would be required before the logs are cut. Then the balance of 50% is due a few weeks before the logs are shipped. Over all it seems that most companies require at least a 50% deposit before the logs are crafted though the increments of payments may vary.

Swedich Cope Log Home

Luxury Log Home Completion

Once the log home is ready to ship to the job site there are some things which should already be in place on the site. The driveway should be ready, the basement and foundation work should be complete, and a crane should be lined up to unload the logs on arrival. Many homes in the luxurious log home category will require multiple trucks. The semi loads can be staggered a day or so apart so that trucks are not bottle necked at the job site. Any time a handcrafted log home is being delivered a crane must be used. The logs are lifted directly off of the truck and set onto the subfloor. An entire home can stack in a matter of four to seven days on average.

Once the logs are stacked then it can take another two to four months to fully dry in the home. Drying in the home is completed once all of the material is installed to keep the weather out of the log home. Then to fully complete the home another 6 months may be required. From start to finish may log home owners find that the process many times takes nine months to over a year.

Log Home Ennis, Montana

Luxury Log Home Allure

Luxury log homes are large, lovely, log castles that are worthy of the years of dreaming which precede them. The time and care required to build them is just a small factor when weighed against the beauty and indulgence of owning one. Logs hold an allure, almost a mystery that captivates many, convincing them that handcrafted logs are the only option for their new home. If you have questions about log homes feel free to read more of our hubs. All of them were written based on our experience of owning and operating Cowboy Log Homes since 1997.


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