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Updated on July 15, 2013

The following are some useful moving tips that would prove invaluable anytime you want to move. Many people rarely move and housing statistics indicate that most families only move once a decade; companies tend to move much less than individuals.


People/Service agencies you should contact and intimate your move details to:

  • All your utilities suppliers: gas, electricity, water, cable, internet connections and phone land lines – Why? To have them stopped.
  • Your local post office – Why? To fill out a change of address form. (USPS has ‘we have moved’ postcards. Use them.) (Also, have a quick chat with your letter carrier about your move. They pay more attention to their routes than the main office does.)
  • Any services you have engaged such as the lawn and garden company, swimming pool cleaning, or delivery of bottled water, etc. – Why? To have them cancelled or transferred to your new address.
  • The bank – Why? To make them aware of your move, especially if you have credit cards issued by the bank.

If you have kids, things that you can do to make the move easier on them:

  • As soon as you find out about the move, let your children know. Let them know why you are moving. Ensure there is no confusion or fear regarding the move. Maybe you got a promotion, maybe the grandparents want you folks close by. Maybe you found a much better school for the kids.
  • Involve the kids in the move. Have them pack up their toys and games themselves and mark the moving box in their own handwriting. When their box comes off the truck, they will see something that is familiar and feel assured.

If your children are studying, documents you should keep ready:

  • Birth certificates, immunization records, school records such as IEPs and prescription medication forms – Why? If you are moving to a new school district, you will need all this paperwork to make the change.

Things you need to do before the professional packers arrive:

  • Unplug, empty and defrost any refrigerator or freezer you want us to move.
  • Pull up any carpeting from the floor and roll it up for easy removal.
  • Remove pictures, mirrors, window treatments such as curtains, blinds and shades from the walls and windows.
  • Disconnect all other major appliances such as washers, dryers, televisions and other electronic items and secure all electrical cords and grounding wires.

Things you can do on the day of the move:

  • Have a meal plan in place, breakfast at a fast food restaurant, a picnic lunch and delivery pizza for dinner
  • Offer to get the moving crew coffee to extend the welcoming spirit
  • Keep the kids out of the way of the workers for their safety and to prevent damage of your belongings.
  • Tip the movers at the end of the day; especially if they have gone out of their way to make your move as stress free as possible.


Things you can do to make the move easier:

  • Let your kids visit their new school first. Make the introductions then step back and let them ask the questions or make friends.
  • Get the number of the school bus they will be riding and its schedule.
  • Explore: Walk or ride bikes around the new neighborhood so that everyone can get acclimatized.
  • Introduce yourselves to your new neighbors. Show them how friendly and courteous you are.
  • If you have dogs, take them for several walks on leashes so that they get to know the area too.


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