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How to Make Your Home Feel More Welcoming, Comfortable and Peaceful (even with Kids)

Updated on February 13, 2015
Flowers and a wreath make this a welcoming entrance to a comfortable home.
Flowers and a wreath make this a welcoming entrance to a comfortable home.

Interesting idea for making a welcoming door wreath:

We spend most of our time at home. When guests come we want them to feel comfortable and welcome. Amidst chaos caused children and pets, it can be difficult creating an atmosphere that is peaceful and welcoming. Here's a few simple suggestions.

Make Guests Feel Welcome

  • Display a symbol of hospitality at the door. This can be as simple as a welcome mat placed before your door or a pot of petunias placed on your porch. Some people place wreaths on their door, and not just during ther Christmas season. Wreaths can be reflective of the season, or display the name of your family. Whatever you choose, display a symbol in your entryway to invite guests to enter your home.
  • Make your home feel comfortable. When guests come to visit, make sure you have enough seating. If you do not have enough chairs, purchase folding chairs you can store away, or toss out some floor pillows; they can be quite comfortable for younger people.
  • Create a sense of warmth: Throw an afghan on the back of couch or chair. If you have wood or tile floors, place rugs about to soften the feeling of the room.

Create a a Personal Connection

  • Photos: Display photos of your family and friends or pictures taken on a favorite vacation. This provides a positive connection to you and may grab guests' attention.
  • Furniture: An old cedar chest from mom, your child's rocking chair, these are examples of furniture. Perhaps the piece of furniture is still used, or it could be a display piece. Whatever you choose, choose something connected to you!
  • Art: Whether it be a doily from your great aunt, or artwork made by your children, consider framing it and displaying in a prominent location in your home.

Encourage A Sense of Calm

  • Plants: Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can still keep plants in your home. A cactus terrarium is low maintenance and easy to care for. If you're more ambitous, try a pot of African violets. Plants are healthy addition to any home.
  • Fish: People feel calm and at peace when they watch fish; that's who doctors' waiting rooms usually have fish tanks. If you're not confident about mainaining a large tank, get a betta bowl. Bettas are very colorful.
  • Prisms: Create rainbows on your wall. Hang a prism in your window, and as sunlight shines through, you'll see beautiful colors. Children really enjoy these.

Incorporating a few of these easy ideas into your decorating plan will help your guests feel comfortable and welcome in your cozy home.


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    • manishsalaria profile image

      manishsalaria 7 years ago from Chandigarh

      Julie ..Really your all article are truly inspiring..:) Keep writing..:)

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 8 years ago from Michigan

      Nice Hub Julie - I like the practical advice you give and your hub is easy to read. I also wrote a hub on the home called "Home Decorating." Stop by .. I'd appreciate your feedback. Blessings!

    • profile image

      beautyrest mattess 8 years ago

      A nice bed always makes your house more comfortable.

    • Julie A. Johnson profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago from Duluth, MN

      Thank you décor lady,

      My home is my sanctuary, and I'm kind of cheap. With the costs of gas and groceries we all have to be concerned about budget.


    • profile image

      decor lady 9 years ago


      You keep it simple and affordable for the average budget! Wonderful job! I love the suggestions you make that encourage more connections. Thank you!

    • Julie A. Johnson profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago from Duluth, MN

      Thanks, Write On!

      I hope to keep writing on!

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 9 years ago from United States

      This is a lovely hub, on the little things that make a house, a home.

      Thank you for the nice reminder.

      Write On!