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Family Fun "At Home" Activities To Do With Your Grandkids

Updated on June 15, 2011

So your grandchildren are coming to visit you. As we all know children can get bored very quicky. Although you love seeing your grandkids, you don't like hearing the words "I'm bored", and computer games and tv might not always be the best option. It's hard to talk to them and enjoy them when their eyes are glued to a screen. Here are few suggestions for activities you can do at your own home with your grandkids.

How about movie night, with a little twist -- old time movies of the grandkids' parents. If you have old movies or video of your children, show your grandchildren. This is a great way for children to discover new things about their parents. The grandchildren may find the movies funny, strange, or interesting. This is a great way to share personal history with your grandkids. And the kids can munch popcorn too!

If you have a relatively large yard or home, you can plan a scavenger hunt. Before the grandchildren come, hide items around your yard or home. The scavenger hunt could have a theme or be related to a season. For example, for summer you could have a beach theme and hide sunglasses, sandpails, shovels, suntan lotion etc. Just remember as you hide the items, make a list so the children know what they're looking for.

If your grandkids like eating, make some special homemade treats. They could make homemade pizza with their choice of toppings, cookies, special ice cream sundaes with their choice of topppings, or even popcorn balls. If nutrition is a big concern, try some homemade smoothies with yogurt, milk and fruit.

Your grandchildren may enjoy making a special project for their parents-- a scrapbook, a birdhouse, or maybe something simple like a picture they paint or color. Consider the ages of the children and remember the project need not be elaborate. The idea is working together and enjoying each other's company.

You can share a bit of yourself with your grandchildren by sharing a hobby with them. Perhaps little granddaughters might enjoy sewing or crocheting, while grandsons might enjoy working on a model or a puzzle with you. Maybe your grandchildren might enjoy learning about your love of gardening or woodworking. Think about the activities you enjoy and how you might be able to share those experiences with your grandkids. They might surprise you and be very interested in something you do.

When grandchildren come to visit keep in mind some activities to do. Children like to be busy, but that doesn't mean they have to be going somewhere all the time. Sometimes activities at grandma and/or grandpa's house can be really interesting and fun. Sharing time with your grandkids is special because they'll grow up quickly! Try to make the time you share with them memorable.


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    • profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago

      Family movies can be a great way to share family history! Thanks for your comments. Julie

    • profile image

      Laurie Harley 9 years ago

      I like the idea of old home movies for movie night! My kids love watching home movies of themselves when they were babies, but i bet they'd really love watching Mom and Dad as kids.

    • Julie A. Johnson profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago from Duluth, MN

      dee, I hope you got some ideas, so you're not bored anymore. Julie

    • profile image

      dee58298291870 9 years ago

      im 8 and im bored. thnx.

    • profile image

      cthomas 9 years ago

      Great ideas, thanks.