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Make a good furniture buy for your office

Updated on May 29, 2017
Office Furniture
Office Furniture

The most relevant characteristics of a nice office sofa are as follows:

1. Fabric
The fabric of the couch must be a durable and permeable material that can dispel moisture & heat.
Keep in mind it is always a good idea to buy leather or microfiber furniture if we are looking for resilience.

2. Ergonomics
Search for a soft comfy couch if you want people to feel really comfortable in your office, this works well if you are a psychologist for example.
In the other hand, you might want to consider an ergonomically correct back rest for the futon or sofa. This is specially recommended if people will be seating in a formal situation for a long period of time.
Giving good support to the lower back is a science in and of itself.

3. Tone
We want customers or visitors to feel welcomed (most of the time), so let’s create an environment that pleases the eyes as well as the soul. Try to keep up with the tone of the rest of your office and choose a color and style that represents your brand or at least goes well with a particular theme of your business. It could be a color theme or a one based in a cool edgy look for example.

4. Stability
A nice office furnishing will be stable and sturdy. Test the armrests. A well-built sofa will have strong structural power on the sides and there should be no squeaks. Armrest should not interfere with movement of hands.
An office sofa should always be comfortable so that people can wait for a long time if need arises. Before you buy an office element, you should make sure that the piece has all these features.


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  • C_Pinto profile image

    C_Pinto 7 years ago from USA

    Glad you enjoyed it! I love your writing too!

  • Steve R McDowell profile image

    Steve R McDowell 7 years ago from Atlanta

    Wow, these seem like really good tips. I'll have to keep them in mind next time I'm in the market