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Making A Sensible Move

Updated on August 7, 2017
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As a content writer Uday loves to write about destinations in India. He loves to travel to wildlife destination and tourist places in India.

About Relocation

Once in awhile people have to relocate due job transfer, new opportunities and many times for personal reasons. This is an onerous task as shifting of personal belongings and valuables are involved.

Due to enormity of the task professional help is hired. The relocation company have the necessary expertise to carry out the campaign successfully. However this does not leave you bereft of responsibility. The client has to understand the procedures and legalities involved. He also has to take precaution and be part of the move.

Moving Professionals at Work

Move in Action
Move in Action | Source

Types of Relocation

There are mainly three types of relocations:

  • Local
  • Interstate
  • International

While the first two are the subject of the topic here the third has a different criteria. In USA interstate relocation is bound with some formalities which are concerned with the moving company. Insurance too is applicable which the client should be well aware off.


Packing Before Relocation
Packing Before Relocation | Source

Packaged Goods

Packing | Source


First and foremost one needs to make a meticulous list of belongings to be transported. This is a technology that protects and preserves item especially during transportation. Many kinds of materials and designs are used for safe guarding different types of objects.

Packaging requirement may differ from item to item hence professional help will be required. Good packing is essential for the safe delivery of products. The part of relocation should be taken very seriously. Do not forget to label the belongings. Items which are fragile should be labelled as such.

Packed Items

Items packed and ready for delivery
Items packed and ready for delivery | Source

FMSCA & Dot Compliance Video

Transportation & Tariff

Once the packing has been taken care of the transportation should begin. It is important that the company has its own storage space if the need arise. Own delivery vehicles will also add up to your belongings being safe while on the way. Another important aspect is to assure the conditions of the vehicles and the safety that will be accorded to the belongings.

Before signing the documents carefully read them. The goods on the road should be insured adequately the mover should assist you in this matter. Assure the day of delivery once the transportation has begun ... in your presence.

Take quotation from at least three movers to arise at the right or minimal tariff but do not sacrifice quality for some difference in pricing. Reputed dealers may have a higher price but it is worth to hire them. And the company should have option for flat rate or discounts for veterans on the move.

Veteran Movers Photos

Veteran on the Move
Veteran on the Move | Source

Video Moving Company

Hiring a Moving Company

It is essential to check the reputation of the company. A review of past performance and trustworthiness is also important. This can be done onsite by accessing trusted sources or by discussing with erstwhile clients. The latter is most reliable in order to protect yourself from fraud.

FMCSA is one of the reliable associations that cane assist in dire circumstances. The association publishes a checklist of moving where all essentials are mentioned. An interstate mover should be registered with FMCSA and have US Dot number.

At least contact three professional movers near your residence. Find out their credentials. Contact Better Business Bureau and the read reviews in order to avoid fraudulent practices by movers of ill repute.

© 2017 Uday Patel


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