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Meat grinder parts

Updated on May 4, 2010

Meat grinder parts - all you need

Meat grinder parts are easy to find, and we’re here to help you selecting the right parts for your grinder. You can also check some of the ideas presented and try it yourself at home, maybe you will end up grinding much more than just meat.

The inventor of the meat grinder was Karl Drais, a 19th century German inventor, who brought a lot of convenience into the kitchens of that time.

The biggest benefit in having a meat grinder is the cost. By grinding your own meat your will get your burgers cheaper. Add it up until you repay your grinding machine in no time and spend those savings in something else.

Although we have lots and different sizes appliances in our home it is hard to find someone who has a meat grinder. Since we no longer raise, kill and process our food we trust the meat shop to do the grinding part for us. This way there is no guarantee that you are getting just your own meat grinded; it might contain other pieces left over in the grinder since it’s difficult to take those bits without taking the meat grinder parts out to wash. And that is usually when they are closing down the shop.

The only way to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting is by grinding your own meat at home. This is easy and fast if you use meat without any bone in it or using an electric grinder. You can also mix different meats together to give a special taste or even mix your meat or fish with vegetables. The advantage of fresh and tasty!

Meat grinder parts

There are many models of meat grinder but the parts are very alike. As we can see in the images the electric model and the manual consists mainly of a feed screw the cutting blade a plate and a screw cap that will hold all of this inside the body of the meat grinder.

The most common replacements are the plates and the cutting blade you can follow this table to know which model you should buy:

Hole in the center
Grinder model
2 3/8 in
5/16 in
#8 or #323
2 3/4 in
3/8 in.
#10 or #12 or #333
3 1/4 in
15/32 in.
#20 or #22
3 15/16 in
17/32 in.
5 1/16 in
3/4 in.
5 1/8 in
3/4 in
6 inches
3/4 in

Cleaning your meat grinder parts

By removing the fixing screw the grinder can be disassembled completely allowing you to clean all your meat grinder parts, see this video example:

Ideas for your meat grinder

It is possible to grind way more stuff than just meat with your meat grinder, here is some ideas that people used their grinder for:

  • Sausages
  • Burgers
  • Ham for ham salad sandwiches
  • Ceviche made with ground fish
  • Ham salad, tuna salad and egg salad
  • Ground raisin cookies

By changing the plate to one with bigger holes it is also possible to produce breadcrumbs or making filled sausage.


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    • profile image

      logie 3 years ago

      hello, i need to know, what is the parts of the meat grinder?

    • profile image

      Juan Mejia 3 years ago

      Hello, need a blade for a Meat Grinder 3500 from deni , would you please let me know witch one do I need to buy?

    • profile image

      Tom 4 years ago

      Dear Purchase manager,

      We’d like to supply you Meat Grinder parts on premium quality and reasonable price.

      1. Product Name: Meat Grinder parts: barrel, worm, lock ring, etc

      2. Material: stainless steel/carbon steel/alloy steel and other material

      3. Place of Origin: China

      4. Technical details: Investment casting, machining, polish

      Have our own CNC machining center and handcraft polishing factory.

      5. Packaging: according to clients' requirements

      6. Min Order Quantity: 100 pcs

      7. Payment Term: T/T

      8. Delivery Time: according to the contract and order quantity

      Our main products:

      Precision castings, CNC Machining parts, Pump valve bodies&accessories, Architectural castings&hardware, Balustrade accessories&Glass curtain wall hardware, Marine hardware, any type of castings according to your drawings or sample.

      We are now looking forward to cooperation with you base on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

      Thanks and best regards!



      - - - - - - - - - -

      Tom Zhao

      General Manager

      Dongying Tousin Precision Metal Ltd

      Add: No.183 Xi 3 road of Dongying city, Shandong province, China

      Tel: 0086-546-8237987 Fax: 0086-546-8218339

      Web: Email:

    • profile image

      Ralph Kirn 6 years ago

      I need a # 56 Plate 1/8" holes + a matching #56 knife

      for a Hobart 4056 Grinder made in 1975.