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Best Microwave Convection Ovens, Cookbooks, and Microwave Plate Covers

Updated on March 8, 2011
Microwave Cookbook
Microwave Cookbook

Microwave Convection Ovens

Most of us either grew up with a microwave or at least started using a microwave convection oven back around the 1970's. Today great microwave cookbooks, smaller over the stove microwaves and helpful splatter proof microwave plate covers are available.

Back in the day the microwave was the one of the biggest technology craze to hit the markets and was one of the first signs of the future of modern day living.

The first microwaves were big and bulky from what I remember and required a considerable amount of power to run. So alot of the first microwaves that were bulky like this had to be placed on there own microwave stand or they took up precious counter space.

Today microwaves are lighter weight, they come in various colors to match your kitchen and there are even over the range microwaves freeing up counter space in the kitchen.

Most modern day kitchens have a microwave convention oven as one of the appliances at their disposal to assist in everyday cooking while preparing either a full coarse meal or for quick and easy fast warming of microwave dishes.

Microwave Cookbook Store

Visit the Microwave Cookbook Store for the best in microwave cookbooks.

Microwave Plate Cover

Microwave plate covers or splatter covers control and minimize splatters while heating up your favorite dish in the microwave.

Splatters in the microwave create an awful mess on the inside of the microwaves top and sides. Once these food splatters sit for an extended period of time they can become a real pain to clean off.

With the use of microwave plate covers during the heating up of food can help keep the inside of the microwave cleaner and less work will be needed to clean the inside of the microwave after each use.

We can't control the popping and splattering of foods in the microwave only because every type of food heats differently usually depending on the setting on the microwave of the temperature controls.

However we can control the amount of splatters that make those undesirable appearances on the inside of the microwave with microwave plate covers.


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