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10 Money Saving Non-Food Grocery Products - Save More Money In 2011

Updated on March 8, 2011
Save Money
Save Money

10 Money Saving Non-Food Grocery Products

I have listed 10 of the most common money saving non-food grocery products that will with out a doubt save you money at the register of your favorite grocery store or market. Many of us get a custom to buying the same grocery items time after time without the thought of even thinking about buying a very similar items at a reduced prices.

Now for some, food items aren't as easily replaced with store brand or off brand choices. However for the non-food essential home products that we purchase if we take a look at the store brands and do a 1 or 2 time purchase we can find that the quality of some of the lower priced items do more than just serve there purpose.

How more you might ask? The answer Money! That's right, more money in your pocket to either buy more food or just simply cut down on the cost of the groceries that gives you extra money to spend on other more important things for 2011.

So let's go down the list of 10 household items purchased at the store that have store brand or off brand names that could save money.


Lunch Baggies / Sandwich Baggies

The first item that a savings can be applied to is lunch / sandwich baggies. The baggies sold at most stores offer an off brand name or store brand baggie at a lower price and they do exactly the same thing that a more expensive brand does. Baggies store food or items from outside air until used. The price saving is tremendous. So the next time you go to the store don't hesitate to pick up the store brand an compare the price of the brand you normally buy. Guess what? You just found a new normal brand for buying and saving.

Freezer Bags

The same goes for freezer bags as for it does for lunch bags. The money saved on freezer bags to freeze food can make a big difference in the total savings also. And by the way who's going to know if you bought the store brand or bought the XYZ brand that costs sometimes twice as much. Think about it, try them and for heavens sake save a few bucks on freezer bags.

Paper Towels

Ah yes the paper towels. My favorite because there is so much debate about the paper towel and whether cheaper brands hold up. Blah blah blah whatever floats your boat I always say. If you can find a cheaper brand that can wipe up spills then buy it. If not use a wash rag or towel, rinse it out in the sink and hang it on the clothes line to dry. Guess what its for free. So what I am trying to say is try some lower cost brands and find one that meets your needs.

Garbage Bags

Now garbage bags is a tricky item to save money on. A lot of times the store brand and cheaper brands just don't cut the fat and end up making more of a mess than one might have expected with a torn bag. So saving money on the garbage bags is going to take a little trial and error to get it right but in the end you probably can find a cheaper garbage bag than the one you are presently buying and still provide the garbage man with his garbage. Basically you buy these to throw away? Throw away money you have got to be kidding.


Napkins are another money pit that really are just over priced. Yeah you might have to just use the plain old white ones at a cheap price. Do people really even care if the napkins have nice flowers to wipe there face after they stuff it full of potatoes and ten crumble the napkin and you guessed it... throw it in the trash. Has anyone ever really said I really like those paper napkins they were better than the food. I think not. So if you need the expensive ones for a nice dinner party then fine. Otherwise do yourself a favor and buy the less expensive kind.

Dish Soap

We all grew up on commercials of what the best dish soap is and just how well it makes your hands feel. Ya take that to the bank. If I wanted to make my hands feel good the last thing I'm going to do is wash dishes. Find a cheaper brand that washes dishes clean and can be eaten off of. I'm not saying buy the cheapest one but heck that cheaper one might be just the one you need and at a great price.


Now foil can be a bit tricky also so shop around. Some of the foil isn't worth even being sold in the store but you can find a decent lower priced foil that will do the job. Basically most of the foil people use only once and it isn't like it's intended to hold a full sized turkey without ripping. So be gentle and shop around for maybe the medium brand if the lowest priced foil is like holding wet toilet paper. You won't know which one works until you try it.


Bleach is pretty much bleach. I don't use it that's how I save money but if you have to have it there are store brands that will do just as good a job as the more expensive ones, besides what is bleach other than a hard chemical anyway.

Air Freshener

Ya here we go air fresheners. It's nice to put some scent in the air but do you really need to spend a lot of money on it? Answer is no you don't. Experiment with lower costing ones than you normally buy until you find one you like. If you wait to long they just might stop selling the cheaper brands just so they can dig deeper into your pockets.

Laundry Detergent

Finally laundry detergent. I know I know you can't buy the cheaper laundry detergent because Junior gets a rash or Sally thinks it stinks. But the answer to saving money is buy some for those items that need washing like the kitchen towels or Johnny's work clothes. Detergent that will still get laundry clean without using the expensive stuff. In the long run you are saving money and cutting costs.

Final Thoughts

So if you think you can handle saving money on non-food grocery products in 2011 and years to come give it a try. I think you can and I hope you do. We all need a little extra spending money so why waste it on things that you might buy only because of the name and not the price.

Good luck and come back and let me know how you made out. WoodsmensPost



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