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Modern Teak Designs For Luxurious Furniture

Updated on March 23, 2015

There are plenty of materials used for indoor furniture today, but teak has always had a special place because of its unique qualities. A teak book shelf or a TV console will bring style to your living room or entertainment area while offering great durability. The richness of teak's appearance and feel makes it one of the most coveted – and also one of the most pricy – wood as a material for premium furniture.

Furniture made of teak can be safely placed in sunny spaces around the house without fading or distorting in some way over time, and it's also very popular as patio furniture. You can easily place a teak chair or table in your balcony to enjoy the urban outdoors, and not have to worry about the weathering from sun, wind and rain. High quality teak wood sourced from the strong, rich heartwoods of the trees (which are Grade A or Grade B teak) that has been well-constructed can even last for generations with little need for maintenance.

Changing Trends

Ever since teak was first discovered in Bali, Indonesia, it has been valued as wood for construction and design across the world. It has always been a status symbol, recognized internationally for its luxurious honey-colored grains, denseness, and rich, glossy feel and appearance. But teak furniture has traditionally been designed with classic, ornate styles that often don't fit in modern homes. People had been getting bored with the designs, and were turning to other alternative materials that were inferior in quality but have more modern designs suitable for contemporary homes.

To meet the gap in the market and realizing that a large scale overhaul of designs was required, furniture makers have been changing their designs to cater to the changing trends today. While there is no hard and fast rule about what modern furniture can be, it is widely understood that contemporary furniture is mostly about function or practicality and about form. A teak bookshelf made in a modern style is likely to make the most use of space, be very functional, and show off its high quality material to best advantage in its simple design. The same goes for a teak wood bed; which will bring in more warmth into your bedroom, as opposed to a metal frame bed.

Another new trend that homeowners will find in modern furniture is a blending of media. Teak with stainless steel for instance is very popular because of the durability of both the materials used. Stainless steel also makes it easy to clean. Other materials used in combination with wood like marble, aluminum, wrought iron, stone etc. also make excellent furniture when used with teak. These combination pieces are contemporary and fun, but pure, solid teak continues to be preferred by many lovers of quality wood furniture.

When buying teak furniture, it is very important to ascertain the quality of the teak used and its source. For instance, many manufacturers pass off Grade C teak as Grade A by darkening the lighter, irregularly grained wood with acids like sulfuric acid. To make sure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for, also be sure to ask for guarantee details in writing.

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