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Moving to Washtenaw County, Michigan Soon? 8 Home Preparation Tips

Updated on September 5, 2019
By I, Claude Boucher, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By I, Claude Boucher, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Washtenaw County, Michigan:
Washtenaw County, MI, USA

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Have you decided to study in Michigan? Or is teaching a part of your professional career path, that because of this, you decided to move to one of the education capitals of the United States? Have you just woken up one day, thinking, I’m relocating? Or, have you just thought about wanting to experience a different city?

Well done! Washtenaw County provides many different options for studying, establishing a business, or simply just living here. The two largest universities, University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University are also in two of the largest cities, Ann Arbor, and Ypsilanti, respectively.

Transferring to a new dwelling is an arduous task! It entails getting the correct mindset, setting expectations, packing up, and of course, cleaning up. It isn’t only the present that you have to deal with though, you also have to think about the preparations that need to be done at the place you’re transferring to!

Here’s a comprehensive list that will help you get started.

#1 Obtain all plans – floor plan, plumbing, electrical, gas pipes, insulation, heaters, and air conditioning units.

Having access to the innards of your building is as equally important as knowing your neighborhood and your surroundings. Aside from ensuring the safety of your household, knowing where to find these essentials makes maintenance a lot easier. It also helps you plan for where to put your appliances, furniture, and kitchen implements when you move.

Another important thing to check is if these plans have their appropriate permits and/or approvals from the right parties. For instance, Washtenaw has increased the frequency of inspecting drains and waterways. Further renovation will also be easy for you if you know these well.

House blueprint.
House blueprint.

# 2 Assess the structure and prepare a checklist of what needs to be repaired/replaced.

You can go DIY on this or ask professionals to conduct a thorough inspection of the building. Also, ensure to check the exteriors, especially the roofing, which is the biggest protective component of your shelter. Some roofing companies in Washtenaw County, Michigan, also offer services to assess and upkeep the exteriors of buildings. Try looking for an all-in-one home improvement and maintenance company, so that you get to deal with only one contractor. Make sure that the project includes warranty, insurance, and after-service support.

By Michael Rieger - This image is from the FEMA Photo Library., Public Domain,
By Michael Rieger - This image is from the FEMA Photo Library., Public Domain,

# 3 Check the availability of utilities such as water, power, telephone, cable TV, gas, internet connectivity, and safety features.

Confirm that all these are working before the transfer, and get the corresponding contact numbers of both the sales representatives and the customer service department. Sometimes even newly installed facilities have leaks and/or defects too. It is usually good practice to stay at your future abode for at least one whole day to experience the effectiveness and the usability of the utilities.

In saying this, part of preparing for the move is having a one-day essentials box that contains at least one set of clothes, toiletries, food, drinks, flashlight, and anything you might need during that overnight trial period.


# 4 Clean the entire space by yourself or professionally.

Whether the place is new or not, it is always best practice to clean the interiors and exteriors thoroughly. You would want your living area to be clear of dust, mites, allergens, or any foreign particles that will put the health of the occupants at risk.

The advantage of hiring professionals is that they have devices or equipment and a systematic plan to cover all bases. This includes disinfecting the house, and any other existing fixtures or pieces of furniture. If you have other spaces outside, like the garage or a garden shed, have these cleaned too.

A lady cleaning the house.
A lady cleaning the house.

# 5 Assign rooms to the occupants prior to the move.

Since you have the floor plans and have already performed ocular inspection of the place, it saves you a great deal of time and spares you from arguments (if you have those who have certain preferences) if you have already specified who’s occupying what room.

Consider the needs of the different personalities – do you have an elderly who needs to be near the toilet, does your child require constant checking during bedtime, do you have a sleepwalker who’s not supposed to stay near a staircase, or does your teenager want a room with a view of the park next door?

Please don’t forget your pet! He/she needs a room or an area to stay at too! Better yet, if possible, invite the household to visit the location with you.

A family together in a room.
A family together in a room.

# 6 Change the locks and provide the family with keys to the house.

Whether the building is new or old, it’s a safe move to replace the locks to ensure that nobody else but your family or household has access to your home. After doing that, make duplicates or enough sets of keys for each member. Do this for toilets, bathrooms, and all the other rooms.

In case you haven’t thought about it yet, kids have a habit of exploring spaces (especially the unfamiliar ones) and sometimes locking themselves up. Even that small cupboard under your stairs; if it has a lock, ascertain that you have a key to this. Don’t forget the key or lock to your gate if you have one! Include the mailbox too.


# 7 Ensure enough storage.

The construction of cupboards, cabinets, or drawers once you already have your things inside your home is a hassle. Even more annoying is if there is no more space to store your stuff in after you unpack your boxes. Have these built before your move, you can estimate the space you need by analyzing the space you previously had and the amount of objects (clothes, books, toys, and the like) you have packed.

If you find that you have limited storage, spring cleaning while packing prior to the transfer is a good move. There might be clothes or items you no longer need that you can donate, sell, or dispose of. One of the worst things about house transfers is having some boxes unopened and piled up somewhere, because there’s no more room for them.


# 8 Know your surroundings and neighborhood.

Just like getting the detailed plan of your house, you might also want to get a copy of your vicinity map and your community portfolio. Get access to reference materials that include areas of interest, citizen services, recreational centers, churches, hospitals, schools, government offices, and other important spots in the community.

Having these details handy will greatly help in planning your daily activities and running your errands, not to mention, knowing where to go for certain events (and hopefully not, emergencies). Washtenaw has its own website where you can gather more information about your soon to be residential area.

There are also online services available to the residents – you can save some errand time if you have access to this! Get yourself aware of events, and future plans for the county, or the city you live in. Policies and rules may vary from one place to the other, so you have to know these too.



Do remember that before actually moving to a new area. Try your best to make friends as early as possible, like during your ocular visits to the site. It will make you more comfortable and secure, knowing that there are people around who you can communicate with, run for help to, and vice versa. After all, life is better lived when shared with other people.

Learn more about Washtenaw County:

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