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My freedom in my life may make some unhappy, but I don't regret anything.

Updated on April 15, 2015

I love my freedom.

Feeling good about my life, it is because I value life and freedom.

People live with regrets and say they wish I never did what I did in the past?


If you solely had the free will to do things in the past, does that not teach you right from wrong?

My life maybe a little bit different than a lot of people but there are a few things I have obtained by wanting and willing to accept.

Peace, real love and "freedom".

I don't live in the modern day jail in which most people will be bound to a house mortgage payment they will have to struggle until almost their dying day and will never be able to enjoy the freedom to breathe easier because of this struggle.

Most people can't enjoy life and can't retire at 65 anymore and are able to enjoy the ending days of their lives and have to keep working.

Some people do work because they enjoy the work they do.

But mostly everyone I have come across in the past honestly can not stand their jobs in which it keeps them away from their families to make the money where they spend more time getting sick while at a place that makes them more and more miserable.

How is that an existence?

Yes, of course you have to pay rent and bills but how much is your health at risk if you have to worry where the money is going to come from?

How many people that go to jobs that make them sick have to visit doctor's office so much and get a lot more colds and strained muscles or have to get a lot of check ups because of being in places they are not happy at or not at all happy with the people around them that make them miserable?

I speak of my life and how things have come about in my own life.

I seriously do not want to go back and ever change anything.

I live with no regrets at all because I wouldn't have become as happy as I am today, right now, right at this moment.

I wouldn't be able to look out into the world and see "real" beauty and things that truly go in this world if I was too busy to make sure that I go to a job that makes me sick and only brings sickness which would age me a lot faster and help to aid to help me step one foot faster in the grave?

I do call myself more of a free spirit.

I look at myself and realize I am truly more blessed than a lot of people in today's society.

I may have a little bit less but do know that when I talk of my happiness when I go to a gym or fitness center, or to the mountains, or to the oceans, that some people are not happy with my way of living because some people will be forever stuck in unhappiness and misery and will never get out.

I am thankful that I was saved and been waking up for awhile now being thankful for my life.

Truly my life is taking a turning point in which I want to move to the west coast, to California and be in warmth. Yes I know, like any place you need to support yourself but am learning of better jobs and better careers, where I will not have live in misery like most people.

I think with age you are granted more wisdom.

My eyes are wide open.

I mean take for example and this may not be for every women, but how many women can not exist without a man?

They say they can, but they jump from one man to the next or have to be in some sort of relationship to be validated as a human being?

Some women can not function fully unless they are indeed locked at the hip of a man, because either that is all they know or maybe society just keeps programming each generation to "have to be with a man".

I think I am glad I could take a step back to further myself to see how much value I really am worth because I don't think being in a relationship with someone I should have to "sleep" my way to top or nearly spread my legs just to have a future by being with a man.

Some women has their sights on having it "all".

Well, meaning their "all", but at the same time they are discovering their inner being, the roots of their heart and soul and then can fully give themselves to another without greedily taken from another partner and find true love that way.

Women that can step back do see their worth and sometimes end up in better relationships which actually bloomed from a little seed of deep passionate little spark which grew into a big flame that started a fire and bloomed into a great big explosion of passion that they find that one person who doesn't have to complete them because they are already a "whole" person.

When taking a step back, whether man or woman and looking deep within ourselves and seeing what we truly are and what we truly are about, we can see that we are indeed worth taking the time to get to know ourselves and can breathe a lot easier.

I have seen more people, well basically I have asked the heavens more and more to show me more healthier relationships with men and women and the heavens have.

These couples are healthy examples because they grow with each other.

Their bond expands with a true loving connection without each one using each other to get a head.

These are the type of couples more people should be writing about because each of these couples become great example of no toxicity and more positivity.

Again I feel lucky and know that each day is a true blessing and I can't say I am thankful enough to have the freedoms to breathe and not have to deal with the things most people have to deal with.

I also think because the way I am living and taking a step back, my health has improved so much over the years.

I think everything does start with inner yourself and in your inner core.

Of course if you don't have "health" then nothing is going to matter anyway.

You could be a very rich person but once again you don't have health then nothing else is going to matter.


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