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The Cheap and Easy Organic Home Garden

Updated on September 18, 2014

Organic Flower and Vegetable Gardening

Organic home gardening eliminates the use of chemicals in growing flowers and vegetables. It uses only natural ingredients returned to the soil to provide nutrients. Grass, hay, and fruit or vegetable scraps are all methods of renewing soil fertility through organic methods. There are a few key principals of organic gardening that you will need to know to grow an amazing and bountiful organic home garden.

Fertilizing Organic Home Garden Soil

Organic Gardening Soil

So much money is wasted each year purchasing synthetic fertilizers. What may be worse is the amount of money wasted each year purchasing so-called "organic" fertilizers. You do not need to purchase anything for your organic home garden. In fact, free fertilizers exist right in your yard that will provide your organic home garden more nutrients than overprice commercial fertilizers. The basics of fertilizing organic soil without wasting your money on synthetic fertilizers.

How to Fertilize Organic Soil

Starting Seeds in the Organic Home Garden
Starting Seeds in the Organic Home Garden

Start Seeds by Reusing Household Items

Green Tips for the Organic Home Garden

Organic produce is not only healthier and tastier, it is better for the environment because it is free of pesticides. I garden with heirloom seeds. You don't have to stop at greener, environmentally friendly produce. You can also be green in your methods of starting your seeds by reusing household items. Save yogurt containers, empty toilet paper rolls, or paper towel rolls. All of these reused items make excellent tools for seed starting. Poke a small hole in the bottom of the yogurt container. Gently press in around the bottom edges of the paper rolls to fold them in and create a bottom. Fill with soil. Line a pop flat, or a long cardboard flat with saran wrap to prevent leaks. Press the seeds into the soil containers about1/4 of an inch. Water regularly and keep them in a sunny window.

How and When to Start Seeds Indoors

Organic Vegetable Gardening the Cheap and Lazy Way

Organic Vegetable Gardening Doesn't Have to Be Hard

I tend to be a lazy organic gardener. I also tend to be cheap. So, I have come up with ways to allow my organic home garden to save it's own heirloom seeds and fertilize itself with as little intervention on my part as possible.

Allow some of your vegetables to go to seed. Lettuce, onions, or any other vegetable that you grow in your garden will eventually sprout seeds. When they do this, they are passed the harvesting period, but you can gather enough seeds from one or two plants to start next year's garden.

This past summer, I also experimented with organic vegetable gardening along side my house with my flowers, rather than isolating my garden half an acre away in my yard. This made weeding and watering less labor intensive. The flowers also make good companion plants for the organic garden vegetables, as many flowers deter pests. Marigolds, for example, repel beetles. Visit this list of flowering plants and the insects that they repel for further reading.

Controlling Pests Without Pesticide in the Organic Home Garden

Organic Vegetable Gardening an Pests

One of the challenges of an organic home garden is learning to control pests without chemicals. Garden pests can be controlled with companion planting, herbs, essential oils, and mild soaps. There are several tips and resources to get your started in removing pests without disturbing the ecosystem in your organic vegetable garden.

How to Control Garden Pests Organically

How to Get Free Trees
How to Get Free Trees

Trees and the Environment

Trees clean the air. They breath in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, something we all need. They also filter contaminants and pollution from the air we breath. The more we pollute the air, the more we need trees to stay healthy. A well positioned tree can also shade your home in the summer cutting down on unwanted energy expenses. Finally, a tree can reduce noise or obstruct and unwanted view.

How to Get Free Trees

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      Mutesi 3 years ago

      If you have a used book store in your area stop in on a regular basis.I have puhsarced some of the best gardening/plant books I own, from stores like that.You will go in on one day and they may not have anything you can use but on another day you may find five books on your specific subject.I recently has looking for a few reference books on Orchid Culture and Hydroponics and found a better selection at a local used book store than they had at Barnes Noble I returned the books from B N and saved about $65.The three books I bought at the used book store cost me $21.The two books I puhsarced at B N were almost $90 with tax.Used book stores also carry overstocks'. Books that were printed for sale and never sold so they are new. Two of the books I puhsarced at the used book store were new the third had belonged to someone at some point but was in new condition. They were also more than half the cost of the purchase price printed on the books by the publishers.Of course, the local library is a good source for reading and note taking but sometimes it's nice to have a few reference books handy. ..…

    • suepogson profile image

      suepogson 4 years ago

      Lovely lens - I'm an organic gardener and agree that you can do it on a shoestring with recycling. It's so satisfying isn't it?!

    • mirrie profile image

      Mirrie 4 years ago from France

      Really useful - thank you

    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 5 years ago from Topeka, KS

      Wonderful gardening tips! :)

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      KatieKakes 6 years ago

      Great len!

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      Thanks for a great lens

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