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Fireplace Doors

Updated on November 23, 2009

One way to increase the beauty of your fireplace hearth area is to install fireplace doors. Glass fireplace doors are most common because you can still see the fire burning even if they are closed. Also, the glass is least likely to detract from the fireplace mantels and surrounds. Fireplace doors are different from screens or other gas fireplace accessories because they are actual doors that are attached to the firebox rather than something that sits in front of it. The purpose is the same, but the door keep the fireplace designs contemporary. Fireplace doors are meant to keep sparks and bits of timber from escaping the fireplace and landing in your home where they can burn people or set fire to your home. Fireplace doors are an important fireplace safety tool and should be part of all fireplace tool sets. One possible exception would be ventless fireplaces which need access to the air in the room. However, they are more than just a safety tool because fireplace doors can also increase the heating efficiency of the fire, reduce energy waste, and make a room look tidier. You want to make sure that your fireplace doors compliment the rest of your living room furniture.

Fireplace Doors and Safety

Safety is the first reason that many people consider purchasing cheap fireplace doors. When you are burning a fire in your home, you need to be constantly aware of the risks involved. When a fire burns, sparks and small pieces of burning embers are constantly being thrown away from the hearth. Hearth fireplace doors prevent those embers and sparks from leaving the fireplace. That way you do not have to worry about a stray spark landing on your carpet or a piece of furniture and then setting it on fire. In addition, modern fireplace doors, keep small children and pets away. Young children are often curious about fire and want to get as close to it as they can. The fireplace doors are a way to put a barrier between them and the fire. Doors are important even when their isn't an open flame like with electric fireplace inserts.  The fireplace glass doors and the metal frame still get quite hot and can burn, but touching the fireplace door would be better than falling into the flames. You need to be aware of where your children and pets are in relation to the fir at all times to avoid accidents.

Fireplace Doors and Energy Savings

Fireplace doors have other added benefits beside their safety features. Fireplace doors installation can help you save money on your energy bills during all seasons. If you have a chimney and you do not close it off with fireplace doors or fireplace doors with screens then during the winter you are paying to heat up the space in your chimney and letting cold air enter your home. During the summer, you are paying to cool your chimney and letting hot air in. The fireplace doors separate your chimney from the rest of your home and help with your heating and cooling bills.

If you use your fireplace for heating your home then fireplace doors can be a great help with that as well. Fireplace doors with blower or fans installed are designed to push the heat from your fire out through vents into the room. This is much more efficient than simply allowing the heat to permeate the room from an open fire. The addition of fireplace doors installed properly can increase the heating power of your fireplace. In addition, certain types of ceramic glass let radiant heat to pass directly through and increase the heating efficiency of the fire.

Fireplace Door Materials

Fireplace doors are most commonly made of glass so that you can still see the fireplace when lit and so you can keep the doors closed but still get the heating benefit of the fire. Glass is also a good choice because it will complement almost any fireplace surround ideas.  The frame of the fireplace screens with doors are usually made of some kind of metal like iron or copper. One possible exception is an outdoor patio fireplace where the frame might be made of stone or whatever the outdoor fireplace is made of. Choices of materials depend on outdoor fireplaces designs. Iron fireplace doors and copper fireplace doors usually add a very clean and beautiful look to your hearth and look particularly good with a stone fireplace design. The frame and the hinges are usually metal so that they add a decorative touch to the fireplace doors. The glass can be etched or beveled to add to the beauty as well. It is also common to see etchings filled with a color similar to the metal frame so that it ties together nicely. When you go to purchase a set of fireplace doors then you want to make sure that you measure carefully. Not all fireplaces are the same size and it may be necessary to get custom fireplace doors if your fireplace is an unusual or especially large.


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      Lee 6 years ago

      When I light my fireplace can I close the glass Doors and let the heat come out of the vents