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Fireplace Accessories

Updated on November 23, 2009

If you are moving into a new home that has a fireplace then you will want to make sure you have all the right fireplace accessories. Fireplace tools range in function, style, and price. Depending on what type of fireplace you have, you will need different fireplace accessories. Wood burning fireplace accessories probably need the most accessories, but even a simple gas fireplace needs gas fireplace accessories. If you have a question about the necessity of any fireplace accessory then you should check with a fireplace vendor about what is most appropriate. Fireplaces can be an excellent source of heating energy and a lovely addition to a sitting room. You can get lots of enjoyment out of a fireplace, but only if you have the right fireplace accessories to make it easy.  The only possible exceptions to the fireplace accessory rule are electric fireplace inserts for sale because all they need is an outlet.

Fireplace accessories are the tools that every homeowner needs to make sure that they take proper care of their fireplace and to ensure a long lasting and productive fire. Most people use their fireplace for one of two things, either heat or aesthetic enjoyment. If you are interested in providing heat to a room or multiple rooms in your house then modern fireplace accessories make the job easier. If you do not want to spend a lot of money then discount fireplace accessories are just as serviceable and get the job done. If you are more interested in the aesthetics of having a fireplace in your home and even if you never use it, antique fireplace accessories or even well made more modern fireplace accessories can make your fireplace designs even better. The fireplace will look more authentic if you have various fireplace tools and accessories sitting around. In addition, fireplace accessories can bring out accents or designs in your fireplace surround.

Types of Fireplace Accessories

Electric fireplace accessories are probably the smallest group of fireplace tools and accessories because you really do not need to do much to maintain the flame. The only extra that you might consider for an electric fireplace is a screen. The fireplace screen is a screen that sits out in front of the fireplace. Glass fireplace doors are an especially good fireplace accessory if you have small children that you want to keep away from a hot surface or open flame. This fireplace accessory is good for any type of fireplace because it keeps people a safe distance away so that they are not hit by any stray sparks. Just make sure that the screens or doors do not detract from the fireplace mantels or from the decor of your faux stone fireplace.

Fireplace tool sets are good for almost any fireplace as well but especially for wood fireplaces. The fireplace tools set usually consists of a holder of some kind and four fireplace tools. The fireplace tools are a brush, shovel, poker and tongs. The tongs are good for moving around pieces of wood in the fireplace so that the fire burns more evenly. The poker is a good tool for jostling the logs so that the fire continues to burn. The shovel is essential for removing old ashes and the brush helps in this endeavor. Other wood fireplace accessories that are important are a log basket or andirons. Andirons are a kind of holder for the logs in the fireplace. They raise them up off the floor so that it is easier to get kindling started underneath the big logs and catch the larger logs on fire. IF you are burning wood in your wood burning fireplace then you will also need a log rack to hold extra wood near the fireplace and a log carrier to bring wood inside from wherever your fireplace wood pile is.

Another useful fireplace accessory is a fireback. This is typically an iron or steel plate that is positioned at the back of the fireplace to reflect any heat generated out into the room. This is an especially good fireplace tool if you are using your fireplace to heat your home. The fireback can be used with any kind of fireplace including gas fireplaces. Gas fireplace accessories are not as numerous as wood burning fireplace accessories, but a fireback is one of them.

Of all the accessories that you could have for an outdoor fireplace the grate is the most important. In any outdoor fireplace outdoor fireplace accessories must include a grate. The grate stays in front or around the fire so that large pieces of kindling that could start a fire outside of the fireplace do not jump or fall out of the outdoor fireplaces.


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