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New Holiday Tradition

Updated on December 2, 2009

Wow! What a MESS!

 Mom took her time and her day and made a spectacular meal.  The turkey was baked to perfection, the dressing and mashed potatoes were delightfully edible.  Can't complain about the cranberry sauce, it came out of a can.  The gravy had the perfect number of lumps in it and the broccoli with cheese was a big hit.

Your stomachs are full, the football games are a wash and it's nearly time to say good night.  Did you forget something?  How about a little appreciation?  How about a little respect for the woman who slaved over a stove and oven for two whole days to make your holiday meal a success?  Did it ever occur to you that she may like a little help in the kitchen?  She will never ask you to help her out.  It's not in her nature, but don't you think it would be a great help to toss out a few plastic cups and paper plates and wash up a few pie pans and the turkey pan?

I know, tradition dictates that mom is the one in the kitchen.  Well guess what!  1955 was 54 years ago.  Times have changed.  Mom does not walk around the house in her pretty dress and frilly apron waiting to provide for you all hand and foot.  She might have a life, a job, a time intensive hobby.  Something that she put on hold to show you all the love she has for you by making that lovely meal.

Start a new tradition this year.  After you open your Christmas gifts (since Thanksgiving is long gone) and after you eat up your fill of pumpkin pie and fudge, turn on the faucet in the kitchen and start washing up.  Clear the table, sweep the floor, and enjoy your mom's company by helping her out.  Heck!  Shove her out of the kitchen and take away her apron.  Give the woman who gave you life a break for once.  It seems that many husbands and children have learned that their mom will just bite her tongue and do it and if she does not complain she must not mind doing it.  Did it occur to you that it is possible that she just doesn't want to impose on your life?

Show some initiative and help your mom out.  Show her love by cleaning up the kitchen and taking out the trash.  It takes very little to make a mom happy and I can guarantee that even if you do the worst job in the world she will appreciate that you showed her the love and appreciation for all she has done for you.  It does not matter if you are 8 years old, you can clear a table and sweep a floor.  Help a person out.  Don't show your selfish side, show your generous side.

You will be blessed by your small gesture to your mother.  I can guarantee it.  She'll remember your kindness next gift time and you will benefit from your love.

Please think of others this holiday season and by others I mean your mom.  Isn't it time you stopped taking advantage of her?  You get what you give, after all.  Unless you're a mom!


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