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Office Plants to Spruce Up Your Space

Updated on June 12, 2013

Have you ever noticed how a plant can make any space you spend time in feel like a nicer place? Whether in your home or around the office, plants add a touch of beauty and peacefulness like no other decoration or accessory can. Office plants give your eye a nice place to rest, bringing in just a bit of nature to even a 30 story glass office building. Studies have even shown that the addition of office plants to an office makes employees calmer and happier. And we all know that employees that are happy are much better workers.

In addition to the effect that office plants have on our thoughts and our feelings, these plants have a positive effect on our health as well. Did you know that? It’s true, office plants can clear the air of many of the pollutants that are common to the office atmosphere. This makes the air we all breath eight or more hours a day fresher and better for us. Read on to learn what kinds of plants grow well in the office environment and which kinds are excellent for cleaning the air.

Office Plants look good and is pleasurable to look at.
Office Plants look good and is pleasurable to look at.

Easy Office Plants

When we are talking about office plants, easier is almost always the way to go. You want plants that will thrive in the office environment without a lot of constant attention and care. After all, we are busy at our workplaces and it is easy to forget that the office plants need water or light or something of that nature. Thus, office plants that can do well even if you forget to water them for several days or that sit in the dark over a long weekend are a good idea.

Most of us are pretty familiar with spider plants—we see them a lot both as home plants and as office plants. One reason they are so popular is because of how easy they are to take care of. Give it a pot of soil and a bit of room to hang, and the spider plant will do well in any office. Another great member of the office plants family is the peace lily. This plant does very well in low light and grows quite well in al most all office conditions. Its white cupped flower also makes it one of the most attractive of office plants.

If you don’t have a lot of space for office plants, the pothos might be a good plant for your office. It can easily sit on any small shelf or top of a filing cabinet and can thrive in both low light conditions and high light areas. Of course, if you have a good out of the way place to put them, cacti make great office plants. Not only are cacti interesting to look at, they hardly ever need water. Remember once every month to give them a drink, and cacti will be the happiest of office plants.

Finally, if you remember to keep their soil moist, African violets are a charming addition to any office space. These small office plants take up very little room but add a dash of lovely color to wake up your office. Visiting clients will love the addition of an African violet or two.

Healthy Office Plants

The office environment can be full of pollutants. These pollutants are released by carpets and upholstery, paint and plastic office furniture and supplies, and by the running of computers. Some office plants are incredibly efficient at removing these pollutants from the air.

The peace lilies, spoken about above, are great types of office plants for the removal of air born pollutants. They are especially adept at removing acetone from the office atmosphere, which is a common workplace pollutant. To remove formaldehyde and ammonia that can be released by cleaning products, place a few acacia palms in your office space. Rubber plants are not only very attractive office plants, they are also excellent at the removal of airborne toxins, rating at the top of this list of many of the most common office plants. Research has indicated that one plant per 100 square feet of office space is good for the clearing of pollutants.

Thus, for both beauty and usefulness, office plants can hardly be beat. You can either opt to take care of the plants in your office yourself or hire a plant care firm to do it for you. Make your office a nicer place to be with the addition of office plants.


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