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Organic Gardening Tips & Techniques

Updated on June 8, 2013


Organic Fertilizers:

The following products are used in the production of organic fertilizers.

Blood Meal is dried blood as a by-product of the meat industry and contains approximately 13 per cent nitrogen; not for vegetarians.

Collodial phosphate is clay that is washed from rock phosphate when the rock phosphate is mined. This is a good source of phosphorus.

Cottonseed meal is a waste product that is left over after cottonseed oil is pressed out of cottonseed, this may contain chemical residues and not be suitable.

Fish emulsions are a liquid by-product of the animal feed industry and are made from fish and a good source of nitrogen.

Greensand is a mined mineral deposit that is a good source of potassium and other minerals.

Guano is aged and dried bird or bat droppings that is high in nitrogen and phosphate.

You can make your own organic fertilizer from selecting the appropriate material in the right combinations. This is just like cooking just follow the recipe.

You will need to supply your soil with the three basics nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

The following is a formula or recipe for organic fertilizer.

2 parts of blood meal OR 3 parts of fish meal. This is your nitrogen source.

3 parts bonemeal 6 parts rock phosphate OR 6 parts colloidal phosphate ( phosphorous source)

1 part kelp meal OR 6 parts greensand (potassium)

Be sure to wear gloves, a dust mask and safety goggles.

Once you have chosen the 3 materials that you are going to mix then mix them being sure to wear the mask, gloves and goggles. Remembersafety comes first.

Now you have your own custom mix which you may apply around the base of your roses, fruit trees or perennials. If you are starting a new bed you can mix some of the fertilizer into the soil before you plant your flowers or vegetables.

Another great source of organic fertilizer is the grass clippings produced when you mow your lawn. That is providing you do not sue any chemicals on that lawn. Let them lay where the mower tosses them.

If you want to can rake some up and move them to your garden bed. Spread them around so that water and air can get through and enter the soil.

Another excellent way to grow healthy plants is to use a foliar spray. Plants are able to absorb nutrients through their leavesand they do this very well. This means that foliar spraying, spraying the leaves, can be very effective when used at the appropriate time.

The appropriate time is when the plants are growing fast and getting ready to bloom. This is the perfect time to spray a fine mist of liquid seaweed or compost tea being sure to cover all the leaves. Do this either in the early morning or the late evening as that is when the leaf pores open to regulate the passage of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide through their leaves.

You can keep you garden off chemicals and produce healthy food and beautiful flowers by going organic.

going organic

compost tea


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