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Clothes Closet Organization Tips

Updated on July 16, 2014

Start From Scratch

When people get around to organizing their closets, they are usually a disorganized mess. The best idea is to totally clean it out and start from scratch. Go through everything in the closet, including clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The best rule of thumb is simply get rid of anything that hasn't been worn in the last year, this is the de-cluttering phase of the project. During this phase, get rid of any clothes that don't fit, keeping only the clothes that honestly fit your average weight.

Once all of the items in your closet are ones that actually fit, sort the items into the things being used and the things to get rid off. Completely remove everything from the closet before placing things back reorganized. Place seldom worn clothes on the ends of rods. Place like clothes together and hang these next. Everyday clothes should be placed on the center of the rod.

Utilize Space

Use all available closet space, including walls and doors. Hanging shoe organizers and shoe trees can help keep shoes together and off the closet floor. Hooks on interior walls are useful for hanging up items such as ties and belts.

Closets with a shelf above the clothes rods can be used for folded items like sweat clothes and sweaters. If the closet shelf is too high to reach for everythings such as clothes, use it as a storage shelf. It makes a great place for storing Christmas lights and decorations, or any other boxes or items you want handy.

Get rid of all those wire and unmatching hangers. Get the right type of hangers for the clothes you own, for example, don't hang a heavy suit on a flimsy hanger, purchase one made for this type of clothing.

Hang outfit pieces together, like a suit or a dress and cardigan. Keep all dress clothes and ready for use, and don't store clothes in dry cleaner bags, clothes will not be able to breath, leaving them stale and musty.


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    • MopHolder profile image

      MopHolder 2 years ago

      Closets with a shelf above the clothes rods can be used for folded items like sweat clothes and sweaters.