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Granite Countertop Maintenance

Updated on August 8, 2012

Keep Countertops Looking Like New

Those beautiful granite countertops can stay looking like new for life with the proper care and maintenance. Granite counters and bars cost quite a bit more than other types of surfaces, yet are well worth it in the long run. Granite is the second hardest stone next to diamonds and will last a lifetime. They are not indestructible and require proper routine care and some simple maintenance.

Daily cleaning is important if you want to help keep those countertops looking good. Clean counters daily with a sponge and hot water, making sure to get any spills, is important for keeping polished granite nice and shiny. A stone cleaner specially formulated can be used weekly to clean all surfaces more thoroughly.

Home Solutions

A mixture of water and a pH balanced dish washing detergent can save money on brand name cleaners, yet can cause a slightly dull build-up on the finish over a period of time. Use the factory recommended sealant to all surfaces once a year to keep them looking beautiful with a polished shine.

Acidic substances such as juices and wine should be wiped up and cleaned immediately to prevent staining if spilled. Cooking oil is another substance that could potentially stain and will also need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Dropped cans, appliances, and utensils, can not seem to hurt granite, yet since it is composed of various minerals abrasive substances such as salt, sugar, cleaners, or dragging pots or appliances across the granite can cause scratching of the surface. Scratched areas become easily stained if not careful.


Basic Granite Care

*Never use any countertop as a cutting board. It ruins countertop surfaces and dulls knives.

*Use trivets or pot holders for all hot pots and pans. Even though granite can withstand the heat of a pot right off the stove, it is always a good habit to try and protect the granite.

*Coasters for drinking glasses. Although drinking glasses will usually not cause harm to granite surfaces this also falls in the category of a good general habit.

Things happen even with proper care and maintenance. Granite countertops that become scratched, burned, stained, or chipped are not ruined and can be polished by using diamond polishing tools. Granite countertops are a good investment for the value of a home.


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