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Outdoor Bench Guide: What You Must Consider In An Outdoor Bench

Updated on March 11, 2011

Your home can become so much more inviting when it is surrounded by a lawn, garden or backyard; these things can help create an experience that enlivens and soothes you at the same time. It makes more sense to immerse yourself in your garden and savor the lovely nature around you rather than just be a distant observer. Having an outdoor bench in your very own yard or garden creates a pleasant place to closely observe and listen to nature.

With this outdoor bench guide, I will help you choose the right material for your very own outdoor bench and I will help you match the right outdoor bench for your particular need. I hope you are better able to enjoy your outdoor environment after reading through my hub.

Outdoor Bench
Outdoor Bench
Outdoor Tree Bench
Outdoor Tree Bench

When it comes to outdoor benches, the selection of the material assumes a lot of importance. For instance, you can have them built of concrete, wood, stone or brick. Every material has its own plus points and its own weakness.

For example, outdoor benches of stone, concrete, granite or marble may require very low maintenance but the seats will be hard, making it uncomfortable to sit, unless you have a cushion. Plus these can get hot easily under the torrid heat of the sun. Of course, by the same token these rugged benches may be your best for safety if you have an outdoor fireplace nearby.

You can go for wood as a material with choices like mahogany, birch, redwood, oak and teak but they need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Of all these types of wood, teak is a preferred material for a garden bench because of its durability, albeit it is a little expensive

Since wood is a common material used in outdoor benches, there are two things that should be taken in consideration while building it: the joint method and the sturdiness. The tongue and groove method is well known for its stability and aesthetic factor. The sturdiness of the wooden bench is gauged by its ability to accommodate different weights.

The legs should be big and strong to handle weight. You will know if the outdoor bench is not strong enough by sitting on it. If there is a cracking noise, there is reason for you to be concerned. Move your weight back and forth while sitting to see if the bench is getting wobbly or remains strong. You can determine if the legs of the bench are strong by pushing or pulling at it to see if it gives away. You want your outdoor wood bench to be sturdy and last a long time.

An outdoor teak bench will last a long team without fading too much. Since the teak itself is so resilient, you need to make sure the construction matches the material.

An Outdoor Deck Bench
An Outdoor Deck Bench

Matching Your Outdoor Bench To Your Garden

While buying an outdoor bench, find information on the material use, the processes involved and the weight limitations -- the manufacturer should provide these specifications. For the look of your garden, decide how you want it to be; do you want the material of the bench to compliment the statues or metal objects around the garden? Do you want the good old countryside look for your bench? For the classic look, go for the ever popular wood material. If you don't want to overwhelm the garden with too much wood, you can go for plastic, resin or stone as your material of choice.

If you go with a hard, heavy material, you might want to consider outdoor bench cushions. An outdoor bench cushion will provide you with another opportunity to infuse some color and style into your patio or garden.

There are outdoor garden benches that have attached planters on either side. In these planters, you can keep various kinds of flowers that match the ones in your garden, making your bench a worthy extension of your garden surroundings. The beauty of outdoor benches lies in the fact that they come in a variety of colors, styles, materials, and even with different sets of capability.

Quite a few outdoor enthusiasts prefer tree benches. These are outdoor benches that enclose around the base of a tree. You can purchase outdoor tree benches, some which come as backless outdoor benches. If you want to sit on the tree bench for longer period of time, you can go for a tree bench with a back. How about an outdoor bench with bench swings? This one is really exciting and playful, and you can have one fitted on to the porch of your home or in the garden.

Outdoor Storage Bench
Outdoor Storage Bench

How Many Outdoor Garden Benches I Should Keep?

Make sure that you do not undermine the natural beauty of the flowers and plants in your gardens by putting too many benches. You can ideally choose four outdoor garden benches at the four corners of your garden so that you can have an uninterrupted view of the landscape from all the sides. If the garden is not too big, just a couple of benches should be fine.  You can supplement your garden with an outdoor patio bench if you like. 

You can also fulfill multiple functions with an outdoor storage bench, which allows you to keep your tools stored away in a comfortable place to sit.  Cedar outdoor benches often make for great storage benches.


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