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Outdoor Chandeliers for sunrooms

Updated on November 10, 2009

Outdoor chandeliers are a great way to light up your sunroom. Sunrooms are different kind of room in a home. With added moisture and humidity, and possible water from a hot tub or sauna, this is not a bad place to choose a chandelier rated for outdoor use.


Chandelier Safety Issues

Outdoor chandeliers are UL approved for wet and damp locations. They are designed with sealed circuitry to prevent moisture from penetrating the wiring. They have rubber coated switches to prevent a shock, or worse, if water comes in contact with it. And also they come with a heavy outdoor cord with a grounded plug.

Outdoor Chandelier Shades

To soften the light of a sunroom consider choosing an outdoor chandelier with shades. Shades should be of a weather resistant fabric or vinyl to prevent mildew, mold, or water damage. This particular chandelier has a floral pattern. Many other colors and patterns can be found with various chandeliers. For a softer tone a beige or tan light may be a good choice. For a sunroom that you want to have brighter once the sun goes down, consider a white or off white shade. While still buffering the light some, more penetrates through a white shade than a darker color.

Dim, Dimmer, Dimmest

Another nice enhancement can be to use a dimmer on the light switch. Depending on the level of natural light available at a particular time, a dimmer allows you to adjust the light to your heart’s content.

Glass Shades

A sealed glass shade prevents more of the possible moisture invasion. Also a sealed glass shade helps to keep insects from collecting. Up turned glass shades are the worst for trapping bugs. Or choose a down turned shade. This too prevents the accumulation of flying insects.

Warm Attractive Work Space

If you put a sunroom in your home or include one in your new home plans, you may find you use it for more than just relaxing. In a study done in large department stores and super centers, it was discovered that departments located under sky lighted areas sold more merchandise than those located under man made lights. Additionally, many of the other departments and employees of other departments were constantly requesting transfer to areas of the store with natural light. This says a lot for adding a sunroom to your home. I have a desk and a piano out in my sunroom.

When using a table or deck, consider choosing an outdoor chandelier that includes a down light in it composition. A down light increases the light at the table but still adds to the overall light of the room. Also one over a piece of furniture such as a table or deck, a lower hanging chandelier is appropriate.

Splash In The Sun

If using a hot tub or sauna in the room, you may want to locate your outdoor chandelier in the middle of the room. When hanging it consider splashes. This is not a time to hang your treasure close to the ground. Nice and high is a good place for it. Also consider choosing one that is closer to the ceiling. A low hanging one would have more chance of water exposure and more likely hood of being bumped into with by a head or even a beach towel when you throw it around yourself after soaking in the hot tub.

Your Dreams

But most importantly, choose one that is perfect for you. Everyone is individual and everyone sees a room in a different "light". Even if your interior decorator raves about one, if you hate it don’t choose it. Everyone wants things to look great, but great has to be as you perceive it. It is best if you have an overall color and design feel for your sunroom before you get an interior decorator involved. The good interior decorators always ask your opinion and incorporate them into the finished room.

Dream on and when your time comes to have a sunroom, make it function, fun, and beautiful to match your personal tastes. Outdoor Chandelier lights are just the thing. Affordable ceiling fans are another perfect way to make a setting even more enjoyable.

And as always, Thanks for reading!

Sue Lemmon Cowboy Log Builders LLC



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    • profile image

      Interior Design Firm 8 years ago

      The addition of an outdoor chandelier can make any outdoor space feel warm and inviting to both the home owner and their guest.

    • profile image

      Kathy Shepherd 8 years ago

      I would think the addition of a chandelier to your outdoor living space would make it really special. I love this idea and will be looking at purchasing one soon.

    • profile image 8 years ago

      Chandeliers are beautiful indoors and out.