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Patio Furniture Covers for Your Home

Updated on June 11, 2013

Are you a barbecue hound? Are you one of those guys or gals who loves to strap on the apron, grab a grilling fork, and get to work on some burgers, a dozen shish kabobs, or some marinated chicken breasts? Are you the type of home owner who loves to entertain in the great out of doors? Do you spend great time and care making deserts like your grandmom used to, brewing sun tea, putting a case of beer over ice to serve to your very best friends? If you are, I bet you’ve got a pretty nice patio, and I bet you have spent some time and money purchasing patio furniture.

Americans love to dine outside, they love the carefree atmosphere below the sky and next to the trees. But if you have spent a lot of hard earned cash on your patio furniture, you will want to invest just a bit more to make sure it is protected from the rain, snow, and sun. Investing in patio furniture covers just makes good sense. The money you spend on them now will more than pay for itself in the extended useful life you get out of your patio furniture.

Patio Furniture Covers are Good for those snow or rain storms that can ruin your furniture!
Patio Furniture Covers are Good for those snow or rain storms that can ruin your furniture!

Purchasing Patio Furniture Covers

If you are in the market for new or replacement patio furniture covers, the first thing you will want to do is determine the sizes of covers you will need. Doing so will be easiest if you still have the supporting literature that came with the patio furniture when you bought it. This literature should have the dimensions of the furniture on it, which you can use to estimate the cover size you will require. If you don’t have this supporting material, you can either measure your patio furniture or perhaps take a trip to your local outdoor furniture store. There you can eyeball the showroom furniture pieces and get the dimensions of pieces comparable to those you already own.

Once you know what sizes of patio furniture covers you will need, you can start shopping around for the styles and types of materials that best suit you and your climate conditions. The two most popular materials that patio furniture covers are made from are vinyl and polyester, and each has its advantages.

Polyester furniture covers are the most common type of covers available. This material is lightweight for ease of handling. It is also a breathable material, which is excellent for protecting cushions or painted surfaces from accumulations of moisture. This moisture can pass through the cover and evaporate, thus extending the life of your patio furniture. At the same time, polyester covers are water resistant to shield your furniture from rain and snow. It is also resistant to fading from the sun and is very easy to clean.

If you live in an area with especially tough weather, it may be a good idea to go with a patio furniture cover made from a more heavy duty material. Furniture covers also come in types made from vinyl. Vinyl is a very tough material that will stand up to a great deal of use. Thus, if you are someone who will be moving your patio furniture around a lot or who will be frequently covering and uncovering it, you may wish to opt for vinyl covers. Vinyl is also extremely water resistant and will resist fading in the sun.

Where to Buy Patio Furniture Covers

When you are in the market for patio furniture covers it may be a good idea to do a little comparison shopping on the Internet. There are a number of online retailers that specialize in covers for your patio furniture, and you will be able to shop for the price and style of cover you are most interested in.

Perhaps start your shopping with the online retailer known as Empire Patio Covers. This store and website offers a comprehensive line of covers for all your patio chairs, gliders, loveseats, tables, umbrellas, and gas grills. Empire sells covers that are used to protect individual items of furniture and also covers that are large enough to cover whole sets of furniture. This can be a convenient and economical way to shield your patio furniture from the elements. Their covers are made from eco-friendly materials that help protect the environment.

Another spot to look into is Here you will find cushion covers for your patio furniture that will help protect it during moving and storage as well as covers for such things as your fire pit and your log rack. The covers at this retailer are made of heavy duty materials with strong tie down cords in case of heavy winds and rain. Free shipping is available with larger orders.

Wherever you buy your patio furniture covers, the important thing to remember is that a little investment now will save you much money later. Protect your patio furniture from the weather, dirt and soot, and insects and birds and keep it looking new and beautiful.


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