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Wooden Sheds For Convenience and Beauty

Updated on June 4, 2013

Wooden sheds are an ideal addition to any home. They provide storage space that is convenient and attractive. Lawn mowers, rakes, shovels, and a whole host of lawn and garden tools can be securely stored in a quality-built wooden shed, eliminating the need for storing and retrieving these tools from the basement or garage. Many kinds of wooden sheds are available to suit the needs of any home owner.

Wooden Sheds are classic and attractive.
Wooden Sheds are classic and attractive.

Convenient and Beautiful

Dragging the lawnmower out of the basement once a week or storing it in a crowded garage is a real chore and a pain in the neck. What better solution to this problem than having a storage shed, right in the back yard? Wooden storage sheds put your lawn and garden implements right where you use them. With a bit of shelving and some tool hooks, you can store your flower pots, potting soil, trowels, shovels, rakes, and grass trimmers with ease.

There are many attractive styles of sheds available, from one-of-a-kind, custom-made sheds to affordable factory-made sheds from department and home building stores. Popular styles for wooden sheds include those resembling barns or English cottages or simpler, more rustic designs. A variety of woods are available as well, from weather-resistant cedar and redwood or attractive and sturdy knotty pine.

Custom-Built and Pre-Made Sheds

For those wanting a unique accent to their garden or yard, a custom-made shed might be the answer. These wood sheds can be made to look like an exact, but smaller, duplicate of your home or in any style and type of wood and finish you may choose. They can nestle snugly under a stand of trees or stand out boldly as a yard centerpiece.

Pre-made wooden sheds are a good option at a lower price. There are many shed companies that will build a shed to your specifications and then ship it to you for assembly. Shed kits are also available from such stores as Sears and Redi-Bilt or from your local lawn and garden center.

Choosing a Wooden Shed

As with any item bought for the home, there are many factors to consider in buying a wooden shed, including price and quality. Whether buying a shed kit or having one custom built, making sure that the shed is sturdy and well made will save money in the long run and provide you with a shed that will stand up over time.

The use of weather-resistant or weather-treated woods in a shed is a must to keep them attractive and well functioning over many years. Sheds that are well constructed will keep out the rain and damp to protect the tools and supplies that they house. Look for sturdy hardware and supporting structures, tight fitting doors and windows, and floors that will support the weight of lawnmowers and bags of soil. Make sure the shed can be securely locked to prevent theft.  For more about wooden shed plans, click here.

Amish Sheds

There are a number of companies that sell wooden sheds made by Amish craftspeople. The benefit of buying an Amish-made shed is the knowledge that it will be constructed with care and using the highest standards. Amish craftspeople are well known for their attention to detail, quality workmanship, and use of the very best materials. Sheds made by the Amish generally carry very good warrantees.

A few of the companies that offer Amish sheds include Absolutely Amish in Pennsylvania and American Amish in West Virginia. Both companies sell shed kits for self installation and beautiful one-of-a-kind, custom-built wooden sheds.

Other Types of Sheds

Although many people desire sheds for storage purposes, there are options for sheds or small wooden structures for other interesting purposes. Sheds are available to use for gardening activities like potting or dried flower arranging. These sheds have space for tables and shelving and provide adequate headroom for working.

Some wooden sheds are easily converted to whimsical playhouses for children, and many shed companies manufacture these kinds of playhouses. Even larger, more sophisticated cottages for adults are also available and can be used as studios, offices, or getaways from the main house.

Wooden Sheds for Your Lifestyle

Whatever your household and garden needs, wooden sheds provide the utmost in convenience and an attractive accessory to your home. Why spend time and effort retrieving tools and garden implements from crowded garages or far off basements when sheds offer a storage solution right in your backyard? A quality wooden shed will offer a lifetime of use for your own personal lifestyle.


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    • profile image

      ShedKits 7 years ago

      Instead of going with a custom shed I recommend a basic design but alter the ext. Go with a wood siding and make added detail to the facia and around the windows.

      It is easy to dress up even the most basic shed.

    • profile image

      Hoop builder 7 years ago

      Wooden sheds are an excellent storage option. For customers who desired a value based outside storage alternative, a fabric cover storage garage may be the answer. Fabric cover garages and sheds can be mounted to any surface and provide long lasting protection. These buildings are simply a "tarp like" cover tensioned to a metal frame which is fastened to the anchoring surface such as concrete, gravel, ground, or asphalt.