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Pawleys Island Hammocks - Review

Updated on February 23, 2012

Pawleys Island Hammocks

The rope hammock is a symbol of rest and relaxation, where you can let your worries go for just a little while. The company has been making this original rope hammock since 1889. It is sought after by people who would like to have an authentic, durable and comfortable rope hammock to hang between two trees, posts, wooden or metal stands. The Pawley Island Hammock has become one of the world's top hammock brands and is distributed through retailers around the world.

These rope hammocks were first created by captain Joshua John, better known as "Cap'n Josh", who was a riverboat captain in South Carolina. He originally wanted to create a better hammock that would allow for a good nights sleep and came up with the idea to use rope so that the air would circulate better. Apparently it was an instant popular success, and they have been constructing these rope hammocks ever since. They also provide a wide selection of accessories too. Part of their craftsmanship comes from using high quality materials including a better quality and heavier rope than many of the competitors. They produce and wind their own rope, to their high-quality specifications. Their official website is at

Pawleys Island Rope Hammocks

As part of their manufacturing process and material, they use all weather fabrics that are nonabsorbent. The fabrics are also resistant to staining, mold, mildew, fading and rot. The wood they use is white oak, a Southern hardwood, for their bars, rockers, swings and hammock spreaders. For their hammock stands and swing stands they only use high grade steel pipe and quality materials.

Pawleys Island Hammocks
PO Box 1602
Greenville, NC 27835

If you have never experienced the comfort and relaxation of lounging in a hammock, it is something you may want to try. There are several manufacturers and competitors in this home furnishing and recreation industry. You may want to test and trial different hammocks before you decide on any brand. This way you can be sure to find the brand of hammocks, rope or fabric that you are most comfortable using.

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