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Updated on May 2, 2012

Relax in Style

If you have ever seen images of people relaxing while on vacation they were probably resting in a hammock. There are many different versions of this restful contraption that is usually stretched and hung between two trees of on a wooden or metal stand. A symbol of relaxation, leisure and the easy life, the hammock inspires mental images of recreational time well spent just being still. This website provider has many different types of hammocks for hanging or stretching between wooden or metal stands, that you can shop and buy online. They have many different top brands with prices ranging from $50 up to $250 and more.

One of the nice things about their website is that they provide such a selection along with interesting and colorful photographs showcasing each of their products they have in inventory that is ready to be shipped upon receiving your order. You can buy these online and have many to choose from such as rope, quilted, handwoven and fabric hammocks. The website and specialty online store at, is one of more than 200 niche market stores operated by Hayneedle Inc.

Shop a Large Selection of Hammocks and Stands

You can buy a variety of lounging products online at a retailer with a huge selection of brands and styles. A few of their more popular products include:

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Hammocks: ( Natural Eucalyptus with Stand )
These Mayan hammocks are handmade by artisans and weaved from a pile of dyed cotton strings without the use of electricity or machinery.

Hatteras Hammock:
One of the most popular styles in the country.

Mayan Hammock:
Very comfortable and you can get them made for two people to fit comfortably.

Nicaraguan Hammocks:
These are beautifully made from spun cotton cords by artisans in Central America. The Nicaraguan products are made using a double weave technique, which helps to hold and support the body for additional comfort.

Pawleys Island Hammock:
This cotton rope style using wooden spreaders without knots originated in the late 1800's and was named after a summer resort along the South Carolina coast. This is a very popular style.

A few of their top brands include Island Bay, Algoma, Hatteras brand products, Magnolia, Outback Chair Company, Outer Banks, Pawleys Island and Twin Oaks.

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