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Pine Drawers a Wonderful Addition

Updated on September 3, 2011

The Right Design


Pine drawers would be a wonderful addition to any house or home. Pine is one of the best types of wood you can acquire, and it is also one of the greatest to use for furniture due to its sturdiness. There are a number of drawers made in this manner today, making it extremely trouble free for just about anyone to find the ideal one for any or every room in their home.

While most people decide to use a pine chest of drawers in their bedroom to hold and organize their clothing, you can also use them in numerous other parts of your home. Many styles are made today with the design in mind for the use side tables and nightstands that are used to hold just about anything you can think of. Pine drawers not only come in large sizes, you can also find styles and designs in smaller sizes that could be used in many other rooms.

Picking the perfect pine drawer can be somewhat difficult due to the vast selection that we have available today. There are several styles of pine drawers that are very elaborate and would blend well into any classic design of a home or room. Also there are more modest or current fashionable designs that would also blend well in many different styles of home decor. The style or type that you decide on should depend on the decor you have decorated the room the pine drawers are intended for.  In other words the style you choose should fit with you current choice of decor.

How the drawers are finished, lacquered, or painted will also have a direct impact on how it will look. Older or antique finishes, such a linseed oil, are for the most part, darker. The older finish starts out light, over long periods of time, this type of oil will darken dramatically, which will give the drawers a distinguished look. If you wish the drawers that you choose to stay lighter as time passes, then you will want to choose styles that are finished in Tung and/or other oils.

You should keep in mind that the way the pine drawers are made and finished will affect the price. For example, pine drawers that are more elaborate in design will be more expensive. Those that are finished in linseed oil may be quite pricy also. If you decide you need something more economical, then a more common simple design with other types of an oil finish would be perfect for you.

Pine wood has survived many centuries in houses and homes all over the world, and it will remain to br true for many years to come. There is no time like the present to indulge yourself with a stylish pine chest of drawers, as real wood furniture will only go up in value as time passes.


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    • profile image

      Cindy Brayer 7 years ago

      Looks like a beautiful piece of furniture. I stumbled upon your blog which then brought me here. I don't know much about Hubpages, but it looks like an interesting site.

      Dr. Brayer