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Guide to Purchasing a Rustic Farmhouse Table and Chairs

Updated on December 22, 2009

A pine farmhouse table set is usually very large in size and traditional in style. Solid pine is probably about as rustic as you can get. The chairs are also usually made out of solid pine and straight backed or Windsor style. Some farmhouse sets also include a bench on one or both of the long sides of the table. The benches are great if you have a large family and children. The simple all wood combination in both the farmhouse table and chairs is what most people consider a traditional rustic farmhouse style. Pine is a very popular material for this type of furniture because it is both very attractive and durable which is also why this type of all wood furniture is also more expensive to purchase.

When shopping for all wood furniture, you must take special consideration to how you will transport the items to their final destination. If you look hard enough you can find a great deal on a solid piece of furniture but you may also have to pay a ton to have it delivered. The best place to search for a pine farmhouse table and chairs is the internet. You can easily comparison shop for a good sturdy set that is reasonably priced and able to be shipped directly to your home.

Photo by katet1 @
Photo by katet1 @

Oak Farmhouse Table

An oak farmhouse table and chairs can be fairly expensive to purchase but the beauty and durability of the material is well worth the price. The rustic appearance of the oak table and chairs is also considered a very traditional style or design. The price of an oak table set is going to vary depending on the quality of the oak and the craftsmanship involved in the making of the furniture and its overall appearance. Some are more intricate in design thus they will cost more because you are paying for more than just the materials used in the making of the table and chairs.

Oak furniture, even a small console table, can be costly to purchase but mostly because of the cost involved in the shipping or delivery of the items. A typical farmhouse table and chairs is very substantial in size and weight. Search the internet for local oak furniture makers before you consider purchasing a set from a far away company. Keep in mind that many local furniture makers only sell with the help of a website because they can reach more customers via the internet.

Antique Farmhouse Table

The rustic style and appearance of an antique farmhouse table and chairs is mostly utilitarian in both design and function. Simple but sturdy are typical terms people use when they describe what constitutes an antique farmhouse style. Back in the days, tables were used for the specific function of preparing and consuming food. Older tables are also either rectangular or round shapes. The antique table chairs are either straight backed and make of solid wood or Windsor which are less solid. Reproductions of antique tables and chairs are another alternative to getting an older look and style. Reproductions are usually made of recycled wood materials that have been reclaimed from old buildings like barns and factories. Furniture that is made from reclaimed wood is going to be more unique in appearance and thus probably more expensive to purchase but it is also definitely more eco-friendly than any other type of furniture.

Original antique pieces are rare and very difficult to find and transport. The great thing about purchasing a reproduction is that it is going to have similar qualities but you are going to have many to choose from. Variety in size, shape, design, and finish is by far more valuable because you can find one that best fits your current décor. The internet is by far the best place to search for an authentic antique farmhouse table and chairs or a replica. Be sure you pay close attention to whether or not the piece is truly authentic and how much it will cost to have the items shipped directly to your home.

French Farmhouse Table

A French farmhouse table and chairs set is going to be less ornate in design meaning the lines are going to be simpler and cleaner in comparison to other furniture styles of the past. The rustic appearance is determined by the type of wood used in the making of the piece and the color of the finish applied to the surface. Typical French style has connected legs or a beam across the middle of the legs connecting them together thus making the table more sturdy looking. The legs are usually straight or simple in design. Rustic French furniture is plain looking but that is what makes it popular. French pieces can fit into any design scheme thus making them very popular in both traditional and modern kitchen design.

You can find French farmhouse tables and chairs in many places but especially online. French tables are built of all wood construction but they lack the bulky or heavy look of traditional American pieces. You can also find replicas of French styled furnishings online so be sure to look for both prospects when shopping. Finding a rustic farmhouse table and chairs set is actually fairly simple with the help of the internet.


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      sandalyedeposu 6 years ago


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      Antique Tables 6 years ago

      Great hub! I think this kind of furniture can add something special to homes.

    • relica profile image

      relica 8 years ago from California

      I love the idea of making farmhouse tables and chairs from old pallets. When I was a child, we moved to Greece, and my parents had one of our packing crates made into a small chest. It was a beautiful piece of furniture, and you would never know that it started life as a packing crate. I love the idea of reclaiming and upcycling! Great hub.