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Best Kitchen And Bath Faucets In Quality And Price.

Updated on July 23, 2016
mio cid profile image

The author has worked in the plumbing supply field for two decades and wishes to share experience regarding products and services .

Kohler lavatory faucet

Kohler kitchen faucet

Delta kitchen faucet

Moen lavatory faucet

The best kitchen and bath faucets in my opinion are not the most expensive, Delta and Moen offer the best bang for your buck

It is my opinion that although there are much cheaper bathroom and kitchen faucets ,they cost more in the long run,there are also much more expensive kitchen and bath faucets on the market , but that doesn't necessarily mean they are of better quality.There are many reasons why I believe Moen and Delta Faucets offer you the best bang for your buck.The reason why I talk about these two faucet brands together is because they are very similar , in quality, in the way they warranty their products ,in their customer service, etc.They both carry a full line of bath and kitchen products,they have been around for many years and they are preferred by licensed plumbing professionals.This is very important because to a licensed plumber, time is money, and usually their business depends on their reputation and word of mouth is the main form of advertisement they rely on.These faucets come with a lifetime limited warranty, this is a fact that many people do not pay enough attention to, many times people will go to buy repair parts for their faucets when there is something wrong with them because they bought it years ago and they think the warranty is not going to withstand, this is not the case in the majority of times the warranty is really lifetime , specially if you bought any kitchen or bath product after the year 2000 the first thing you should do if you have any problem with any Moen or Delta product is call Delta or Moen. the customer service phone number for Delta is 1 800 345 DELTA and for Moen is 1 800 BUY MOEN.Another advantage of these faucets is that they are simple in how they are engineered , the parts are readily available at any plumbing supply store and inexpensive.The faucets themselves are easy to install and to service if need be. The very fact that they can be repaired is the main advantage they have compared to the very cheap faucets you can purchase at a big box store,which are really not meant to be repaired or serviced but instead they are throwaway, so if something goes wrong with them you throw it away and replace it, this is not so bad when you first think about it because their price allows for it,but if you have to for example tear down the tile in your bathroom to replace a shower valve in your wall, or remove a bathroom vanity, to replace a lavatory faucet or a granite or marble countertop to replace a kitchen faucet the cost is going to skyrocket not only because of the cost of the faucet but also because of the cost in labor, and time.And as far as the more expensive faucets, for example Grohe, Kohler, Hansgrohe,there are several facts that I don't like about them,first of all you are paying extra for the brand, the faucets themselves are not that much better than Moen or Delta, they don't last any longer , and they are a little more frugal in the way they warranty their products, also they are changing the engineering of their faucets more often as well as their models and finishes, and the repair parts are more expensive and you usually have to order them and it takes about a week to ten days or more to get.

The Bold Look Of Kohler . Pot Filler Faucet .

Delta lavatory faucet

Moen tub deck mount faucet

Where to buy, whom to hire.

Now that we have talked about which bath and kitchen faucets are the most covenient,and give you the best price performance ratio the question is where to buy kitchen and bath products. And this is an easy answer, at your local plumbing supply store.While you may find certain bath and kitchen products slightly cheaper at the big box store ,such as Lowe's or Home Depot, you should be aware that you are not purchasing the same product, you are buying a lower quality faucet because Home Depot and Lowe's get the product for retail at their stores manufactured specifically for them at a lower cost with lower quality material, for example some brass components of certain products are replaced by plastic components , that is why the model numbers of their products are very similar to those sold at plumbing supply stores but not the same.That is why a reputable licensed plumber doesn't want to be seen shopping at these stores because than it would be known they install a lower quality product.And now we get to the last decision to make, who should we hire to install these products?Unless you are extremely handy you should hire a plumber for the professional installation of your bath and shower faucets, a kitchen faucet or a lavatory faucet is much simpler and anybody should be able to successfully install them, but in any case before tackling any plumbing job you should ask the professional at the plumbing supply as to how difficult or not any particular job may be,because remember, when you watch Bob Vila on tv they usually don't show you the thousands of dollars in tools and equipment he has at his disposal or the crews of workers that do the heavy lifting.If you should need to hire a plumber, the best choice is your local licensed plumber, I find they are less expensive and do a better job than the big plumbing companies, which make you pay for their high price advertising, the cost of their franchise and a brand.It is said that plumbers are extremely expensive, and although they do charge what could be considered a high hourly rate , this is compensated by a fast, reliable and well done job and he has no interest in overcharging you because his business depends on you recommending him to you friends and neighbors and not on a television commercial,and his customer base has been built through many years of satisfied customers.


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    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 23 months ago from Uruguay

      yes ,all kohler faucets are guaranteed for life ,so even if you didn't find the serial # worst case scenario you would have to text or email them a picture of the faucet so they could identify it to send you the parts free of charge and if it can't be fixed they'll send you a new faucet .

    • Sgt Prepper profile image

      Gunny Cracker 24 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

      My Kohler kitchen faucet is about ten years old and gets a daily workout in our family. My wife cooks a LOT for our family, friends and in-laws. I wash dishes in the stainless sink.

      Recently I noticed a slight dripping from the faucet and was finally able to find the unique rubber washer needed at a Menards fifty miles away. The dripping stopped but then I noticed water leaking around the base of the faucet when the water was turned on.

      Since I was unable to find ANY Kohler parts at several chain and local hardware stores I called a plumbing contractor supplier. I was told I had no choice but to call Kohler's tollfree number. The customer service rep needed the serial number from under the faucet and listened over the phone to how the faucet made a grinding sound when turned on. She then sent ALL the parts needed via UPS in four days time.

      The phonecall, parts, shipping and advice cost me nothing. Now the faucet works like new and no longer leaks.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 3 years ago from Uruguay

      Nothing wrong with that,sometimes you have to go for the best possible price and the stores give you that.thks for stopping and commenting.

    • sadstill22 profile image

      Poca 3 years ago from Hubpages, My World

      i used to buy my home faucet from the DIY store, cheap and lots of variety

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

      IT is fairly easy but it takes some work if you've never done it before,be prepared to spend about an hour on it , even though a plumber would do it in about 15 minutes,but you'll save about 120 dollars.

    • viveresperando profile image

      viveresperando 5 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      Found this very timely. Going to have a go at installing my own kitchen faucet. :)

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

      You're right about moen quality having gone down lately, while delta and kholer have maintained it. another interesting fact is how many people who have purchased a delta or kohler faucet are unaware that for the most part the lifetime warranty on those faucets are for real and if there is any problem with the product they will either send them the repair parts or replace the faucet altogether

    • Rob S profile image

      Rob S 5 years ago

      I agree Delta is a good, reliable product but I no longer provide Moen. Moen has lowered their quality standard, I have gone to too many call-backs because of this and have lost faith in them.

      I have noticed the reduced quality with the big box store, especially when I install owner supplied product. Same brand, same part number but I wouldn’t buy it.

      About Kohler, their products are a little more expensive but their quality is twice that of standard products. This opinion is based on experience, but every plumber has their favorites and Kohler is mine.