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Propane Fire Pit Table - Outdoor Living All Year Round

Updated on May 13, 2013

Propane fire pit tables are the latest must have in outdoor home decoration. Not only do they look fantastic but they're very practical and versatile as you will use them all year round.

A propane fire pit table is the latest ideal outdoor accessory for your backyard entertaining. They set the right mood for any occasion all year round, whether they keep you warm on those crisp winter nights or the place where everyone ends up congregating in those long summer evenings.

These fantastic tables can match any decorated theme and satisfy any taste, whether it's metal or stone, round, square or oval, there is a propane fire pit table fitting to your backyard needs.

Although they vary in design, their basic functions remain the same. They will all have a basin in the middle in which your decorative faux fuel will be situated, importantly they all have concealed areas where the propane gas tanks will be placed so they do not interfere with your backyard decoration.

When you purchase your decorative table, it's good to have an image of what it will look like in your yard, you need to take into account the dimensions required, your landscaping area and importantly what mood the propane fire pit table will set.

Your personal preference will ultimately decide what shape, color or type your table will look like, choosing a style that will fit best with your current decoration.

I am positive that whatever propane fire pit table you choose it will be the best fit for backyard. Just imagine yourself with a lovely glass of wine or a cold beer sitting back enjoying the ambiance your propane fire pit table will bring.


Practical Benefits of Propane Fire Pit Tables

If your yard provides limited space and you want a decorative patio table and a fire pit, buying a propane fire pit table is the best practical solution.

When you buy a fire pit table you're getting a patio table and a fire pit rolled into one, it won't take up as much space if you bought the table and fire pit as two separate pieces.

These are designed with this in mind, by incorporating the two into one table it becomes a fantastic part of your outdoor furniture, takes up less space and is a great center piece for any yard.


Affordability of Propane Fire Pit Tables

Propane fire pit tables come in varying price ranges depending on the manufacturer and materials used. Fire pit tables can cost as much as $2,000.

If you're on a limited budget you can still find a huge selection of high quality propane fire pit tables to choose from. A typical price range for a good quality propane fire pit table will be between $200-$600.

Considering the previous section on the practicalities of a propane fir pit table, if you were to buy a patio table and fire pit separate, you would end up paying a lot more.


Convenience of Propane Fire Pits Tables

The thought of you and your guests sitting comfortably around a lovely warm fire set in a decorative table is the best thing about propane fire pit tables.

Not only that but you can cook over the flame, warming-up marshmallows and cooking kebabs like you would over an open flame, and dine on it like you would a normal patio table.

You don't need to start the fire by yourself and have the trouble of topping up the fire with wood when the flame dies down. The constant even warm flame will delight you, your guests and your family.

Take a look at my section on the advantages of propane fire pit tables over wood burning tables below.


Propane Fire Pit Tables - Advantages Over Wood Burning Fire Pit tables

There are advantages to buying a Propane fire pit table rather than a wood burning table.

Quick starter

Propane fire pits tables are far easier to light, you simple turn on the gas, press the ignition switch and sit back, enjoying the beautiful flames and warmth rise from the center of the table. On the other-hand if you chose a wood burning table you would have to wait for the flame to burn the wood, taking longer to start and to build a good size flame for your table. You would also need to start the flame yourself with matches or lighters.<br />

Cleaning made easy

Wood burning tables are a nightmare to clean. First of all you have to wait for the wood to burn out, unless you distinguished it yourself with a small amount of water? There will be ash and residue left behind which is not the easiest to clean. You don't have to wait for the flame to burn out with Propane fire pit tables, simply turn off the flame with the flick of a switch.

Propane fire pit tables are far easier to clean as they burn clean and without any ash or residue like the wood burning tables.

No wood required

There is no need to have a stack of wood in your yard with a propane fire pit table, just a small tank which you can purchase from most convenience stores that fits nicely under your table, out of sight. Wood burners will need topping up when the flame dies down, but propane tables have a constant regular even flame which you don't need to touch.


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