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Flowers-Bulbs-Planting-Garden-Questions and Answers About Planting Flower Bulbs

Updated on December 29, 2011

Photos From My Garden

Grape Hyacinth
Grape Hyacinth

Spring and Fall Flowering Bulbs

Planting Bulbs

It may seem like a long time, but the Bulbs you plant

in the fall will bring glorious color in the spring.

Patience is a virtue. And when it comes to planting spring blooming bulbs,

patience has its rewards.From dainty snowdrops in early spring to the last

autumn crocus,You can have bulbs and tubers in bloom at almost any time

of year.There are so many to choose from whether your looking for bold

colored giants or delicate flowering beauties.Planting spring or fall flowering

bulbs is fun and easy.

There's nothing easier than planting bulbs.Even a beginner can create a

breathtaking spring garden by investing just a little time at the right time.


Anyone can have a beautiful garden. If you are looking to

start a garden of your own-this may help with some of your questions.

Spring and fall flowering Bulbs add beauty and fragrance to your 'world'

your space-I find having many colors around me and fragrances lifts my mood

and spirit.Especially after a cold winter.Also it adds a certain kind of warmth

to each day.I also love the birds and butterflies that adding flowers to the yard

brings.Cutting the flowers and bringing some inside to enjoy or creating an

arrangement for a family member or friend is also wonderful.



Here are some frequently asked questions provided by the Netherlands

Flower Bulb Information Center. You can visit their Web site at

They should help you get off on the right foot when planting bulbs this autumn.

Then comes the hard part — waiting until spring for the beautiful bulbs to bloom!

But from the first bloom till the last-you will enjoy all of your efforts.

Double Daffodil
Double Daffodil
Double Daffodil
Double Daffodil
My Garden
My Garden

Questions And Answers

Question: How soon should bulbs be planted after they're purchased?

Answer: It's best to plant bulbs as soon as you get them, but not before cooler fall temperatures arrive.

They can be stored in the crisper of your refrigerator for several weeks. (Be sure to keep bulbs

away from apples and other fruits. Gas emit-ed by ripening fruit is harmful to bulbs.) Ideally,

bulbs should be planted 6 weeks before the ground freezes. This gives them plenty of time for

root development. If you've missed this window, go ahead and plant them anyway. Always

water your bulbs after planting.I have always said, "If the soil is workable, work it!"


Question: What's the best way to keep squirrels from digging up bulbs just planted?


: Try planting daffodils and other Narcissi bulbs, because squirrels don't like how they taste.

If tulips or crocus are some of your favorite flowers, however, you may need to take extra

measures.One of the most successful ways to protect these bulbs from furry critters

is to lay wire mesh, such as chicken wire, on top of the bed. Squirrels can't dig through it,

but flowers can grow through the holes.


Why can't tulips and daffodils be planted in spring?


: Spring-flowering bulbs must be planted in fall or early winter because they require a long

cool dormant period. Cool temperatures spark the process that causes bulbs to flower. It's

important to plant bulbs before the ground freezes so they develop strong roots.


Q: Should bulbs be mulched?


Mulch isn't necessary, but it can be beneficial—about 3 inches is plenty. Mulch

over bulb plantings just after the ground lightly freezes. Instead of using it as a winter

"warming blanket", the mulch will actually keep the ground temperatures cool and stable.


Question: Why is it best to plant bulbs in clusters?


Groups of bulbs create a greater impact of color, making them look more like bouquets.

Here's a trick: Plant similar bulbs in a triangular pattern with one point of the triangle facing

the front of the garden. When they bloom, it'll look like you planted more flowers than you actually did.


Question: How does a spring cold snap affect bulbs that have already come up?


Spring bulbs are tougher than you think. They usually can take what Mother Nature dishes out.

Warm weather than anticipated, but in most cases it won't result in damage.

A short freeze won't cause much lasting damage to your bulbs. However,

it may damage developing buds and "burn" blossoms that are already open.


Question: Can spring bulbs be grown in warm climates?


Spring-flowering bulbs can be grown in climates as warm as Plant Hardiness

Zones 9 and 10 (see page 65 in the Aug/Sept issue for a zone map). The blooming

season in these areas is much earlier than in cooler zones.Some bulbs, such as tulip,

hyacinth and crocus, need a chilling period before they're planted. Simply keep bulbs

in the refrigerator for 12 to 16 weeks. Again, keep bulbs away from ripening fruit.

Plant chilled bulbs 6 to 8 inches deep in December or early January, water them

well and add mulch to retain moisture and protect them from heat. New bulbs must

be planted each season.


Question: What should be done after the flowers fade?


The most important thing is to keep the leaves on the plant until they're brown,

or 6 weeks have passed since blooming. The leaves feed the bulb so it can flower next spring.

Tulip blooms should be clipped off after they fade so they don't go to seed.


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  • jill of alltrades profile image

    jill of alltrades 

    7 years ago from Philippines

    Great advice! Now I know why I can't get my bulbs to flower. This is really very helpful!

    Rated up and useful!

    I love the photos too!

  • IN2Deep profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from USA

    Shelvajay-lol-I started in 1990-I had no clue-Now-But now I have so many plants/flowers/bulbs ect -I am able to share ALOT-Mostly everything multiplys-I also have a good dose of sunshine here-and great soil-I mulch every spring-Before everything starts coming up-its easier than spreading it around each plant-I have recieved landscape beautification awards-every year since 1992-I dont plant things in a row-I like them more natural-as they just grew where they are-If you have any questions feel free to ask-I love to garden-Its a great stress reliever-I say I bury my troubles-lol-and make them grow into something more beautiful..Have a Great Day-I cant wait for spring-Thats when I color my world..

  • Shelvajay profile image


    7 years ago from If You Know Me Personally, You Know Where I Am...

    This was very helpful, thank you for sharing. I wish I had seen this when I first got interested in gardening five years ago. I was really outside planting with a SPOON! Now I have better sense, but still take all advice I can get, so that my garden gets prettier and prettier!!!!!


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