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Raspberries For The Calumet Region, Strawberries Too!

Updated on February 2, 2013

Ready To Plant

Holding until I can get them in the garden. I have the plants stowed under the shrubs on the south side of my house so they are sheltered from cold nightime temperatures.
Holding until I can get them in the garden. I have the plants stowed under the shrubs on the south side of my house so they are sheltered from cold nightime temperatures.

No Space For Fruit Trees? Give The Berries A Try

N.W.Indiana and S.Chicagoland will both support the production of a good variety of berries in the garden (click for tips on growing berries) I am all for growing them at home with the price, at the grocery store, skyrocketing right out of sight. We need fresh fruit in our diets to keep us healthy(Longevity Smoothie hubpage by livelonger) not to mention that they taste scrumdelicious. Fresh picked berries are like the treat of Gods.The problem with trying to plant a good fruit crop is usually space or a lack of it.That is why I suggest giving the berry family a try.

You can plant Blackberries, Blueberries,( about Blueberries, hubpage by johnr54) Black Raspberries, Mulberries, Red Raspberries and Strawberries in this region with good success. I have chosen to plant Strawberries and Red Raspberries. My reasoning for these choices has to do with taste and availability. Strawberries are pretty easy to get going and do not require a lot of work, other than picking. That can be hard on your back when you have a big patch. I just love Red Raspberries so that is why I selected those for this years newest addition to my garden.

Mulberries and Blackberries grow wild around this part of the country so it may be that you can find a place to pick those for free. I have some friends with acreage and am able to get what I need when they are in season. These two are not my favorite but I do love a good Blackberry pie. You will have to fight off the birds because berries do attract the wildlife.

Raspberries Prefer Good Drainage

This spot in the garden has gone unused for the first 3 years and is now ready for Raspberry bushes
This spot in the garden has gone unused for the first 3 years and is now ready for Raspberry bushes

Utilizing Plants For Fullest Potential

The corner of our property where the garden ends was very low when we moved here. I built the ground up with compost over the past few years and it is now ready to plant. Raspberries like soil that is well drained and also a higher content of compost with a higher acid rate. This should make my corner the best place to put the Raspberry bushes. I am also using the plants as a sort of privacy screen and therefor optimizing the potential of the plant itself.

The back of our yard is home to a small swimming pool. When the weather is hot and we do not have time to go to the lake, the pool is our cool refuge. The problem is we have no privacy in this area. It is the 4 corners for our neighbors. Planting the bushes will give us a much needed screen that will be at peak growth during the hot weather. That means the Raspberry canes will be at their tallest and provide the most privacy. This utilizes the plant material to its fullest potential. The canes will have to be pruned back in the fall but it will not matter because the pool will not be used in cold weather. It is a winning combination for our needs.

Strawberries Take Two Years To Start

The first year you put the plants in, it is recommended to let the plants develop. Do not pick berries for eating. Yes it is very tempting but, if you pick the fruits off the first year and do not let them ripen, it will cause the plants to make more runners. That is how you get the patch to start and take a good hold. My 2nd year with just 6 plants, yielded 12 pints of berries. That more than payed for the plants I purchased.This year I am expecting enough fruit to put some in the freezer for mid-winter enjoyment.

Click on this link to read more about how to grow strawberries. Then I suggest finding your plants early so you can get them started as soon as possible. Have a BERRY NICE Spring!


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      10 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Enjoyed your article about the berries. When my husband and I lived in Wisconsin for 4 years, we had a next door neighbor that invited me to join him to go strawberry picking every year. We went to a commercial farm where they allowed people to pick their own berries. Really enjoyed the experience except for the back breaking part of it. Ha! It certainly beat paying the price in the grocery stores!


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