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Reasons on why buy a single cup coffee maker

Updated on March 10, 2013
Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Not all people who can brew a great tasting cup of coffee are trained barista experts. You would be surprised to know that just about anyone can make a sophisticated flavoured coffee. All it takes is the right tool. Yes, you read it right – you only need one amazing kitchen appliance, a single cup coffee maker. If you don’t have one, this post will list some essential and practical reasons on buy a single cup coffee maker.

Numerous coffee drinkers may have not realized it but using regular drip coffee maker is quite tedious and troublesome. Think about it, you calculate and pour in the water, boil it, and gauge the amount of coffee to be brewed, and still at the end, unsure of the taste of what you just made. Regular drip coffee makers are also generally aimed to produce numerous cups of coffee (around 10 to 12). This means that a lot of coffee will be wasted unless of course if you are preparing coffee for a group of people.

There are numerous reasons why buy a single cup coffee maker. Some of the common and important ones are listed below.

1. For a high quality and premium tasting cup of coffee

Let us start with the most important reason – to enjoy a great cup of coffee that you yourself made. As you may know, single cup coffee makers are either coffee pods machine or Keurig model. These coffee makers may have some differences but each one will surely make a great tasting cup. You see, both single cup coffee machine uses a special pre-packaged type of coffee that may come in different variations and flavouring (dark roast, decaf, Hazelnut flavoured, Jamaican, Italian, etc…) What you can expect is exactly what is indicated on the label of the coffee pod or the K-cup.

2. Convenience

Making a cup of coffee with single cup coffee makers is quite easy as most models commonly use the same procedure – pour water, put in the pod or K-cup, press a button, and wait for the cup of coffee to enjoy. To put it simply, single cup coffee machines are intended for coffee lovers who want a great cup of coffee but do not want to go on any kind of barista training.

3. Quick fix

Another reason why it is quite handy to buy a single cup of coffee maker is that it takes than less than a minute to brew a premium grade coffee. You can get your quick fix anytime you want.

4. Requires minimum effort on cleaning

As the name of the model implies, this type of coffee makers are designed for a single cup. No spillage, no extra coffee to waste, no coffee grinds to clean off.

5. No coffee grinders

As mentioned there are no coffee grinders which means no grinding noise and more bench space.

6. Wide variety of choices to choose from

Coffee pods and K-cups come in different variations. Please feel free to view our store section ( for an exhaustive list of available coffee pods and K-cups.

7. Bragging rights

If you have a friend or two coming over, you may serve them some sophisticated flavour coffee and see their satisfied expressions.

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