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Three reasons why coffee is a great Christmas gift

Updated on February 20, 2013
Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Still undecided what gift to give to your monito / monita? Having a hard time thinking a different kind but extremely useful Christmas gift? Don't fret, this post will highlight single cup coffee makers. It is actually a great Christmas present that will be appreciated by just about any recipient.

Yes, you read it right, there is no error on the statement above. A single cup coffee brewer is a great holiday gift simply because it can be used daily, can be used by anyone, and serves as a cheap alternative to everybody's (well, to millions of people around the world) favourite drink – a great tasting cup of coffee.

Anyone would want to have a single cup coffee maker –

The first reason why a single cup coffee maker would be a great Christmas gift is because almost everyone would seemingly want one. Who wouldn't want to easily and conveniently make a cup of coffee whose quality can rival the ones that are served on coffee shops (Seattle’s best, Starbucks, etc…) Needless to say, preparing a high quality cup of gourmet coffee using a single cup coffee maker can be done by anyone without any kind of barista training, at the comfort of their own home, and with literally hundreds of premium quality coffee varieties.

Unfortunately, some people don't know that such a device exists. There are many other possible reasons why a lot of people wouldn't buy a single cup coffee machine and the common ones are listed below:

  • As mentioned they don't know the existence of such a useful innovative machine
  • They don't know if they can handle the device – in fact single cup coffee servers are not that complex. All it takes is pressing a button or two then the coffee will usually be ready within a minute

  • Budget constraints – with the economy that we have now, some are just waiting for it to be received as a gift

Anyway, the above reasons actually works to your favour as surely the one who would be receiving the single cup coffee server would be glad to receive one. Some readers would naturally ask why but the reasons are not that hard to understand. A lot of people drinks coffee with some even waiting in line to coffee shops. These machines are easy to use and will surely brew a great tasting coffee quickly and easily.

For something different –

Another reason why a single cup coffee maker is a great Christmas gift during the holidays is because it is something different – quite unique. Traditional and common holiday gifts include cards, baked foods (like cookies, crinkles, etc…), fruitcake, planner, mug, etc… Of course, all of us want to be original. We would want our gift to be used by the recipient and not just put aside collecting dusts.

It is not that expensive –

Single cup coffee makers are not that expensive especially with the huge discounts associated with the Christmas shopping season. There are numerous online sites that sells single cup coffee makers so be sure to select a reliable one. For example, is an online coffee site that has been in the industry for quite some time. Its land based office is located in California and aside from the coffee products at great reasonable prices, the site offers relevant and useful information about coffee – from reviews, coffee facts, to benefits and advantages of coffee.

That’s it, enjoy the holidays!


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    • writerjj profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi Silverberg,

      Thank you for viewing and for the comment. Merry Christmas :)

    • silverberg profile image


      8 years ago

      This coffee smile and taste good..great

    • writerjj profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi Peachpurple,

      Thank you for viewing and commenting. Enjoy the holidays :)

    • peachpurple profile image


      8 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      true, coffee makes a perfect christmas gift. Almost everyone I know loves coffee and addicted to it too. Yes, they are cheap and comes in great varieties. Wonderful tips.


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