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Recycling in Today's World

Updated on September 28, 2020
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Repurposing is a form of recycling! Old jeans, fence posts and the last drops of paint from the can are now alive in the form of abstract art!


Recycling in today's world...

Recycling is today's world is everyone's responsibility, young, old or in between, male or female, city dweller or country folk. We all need to band together to ensure a sustainable earth for tomorrow. Our world has underwent drastic changes over the last few decades. Some of the changes that we have underwent have caused our planet harm and now we have to stand up and do our part to make a sustainable world!

A few decades ago we became a throw away world. There were not a lot of options for recycling, but that has drastically changed over the last decade! Recycling isn't just for paper and bottles any more! Did you know that in this day and age, if it has a power source, be it a cord or battery, if it lights up, buzzes, beeps or heats, the chances are pretty good that you can find somewhere to take it in for recycling once it gives out.

So just what you can recycle from around your home? Ah, do you have all day? Thanks to a dedicated government along with environmental advocates and groups we now have all sorts of options, options and more options for recycling! Gone are the days when the landfill was the first option. Now we can recycle items like kitchen appliances, living room and office electronics and even power tools and light fixtures to name a few items. But wait! That's not all!! Not even close!

You can Recycle: Light bulbs

Lighting fixtures are also a recyclable item!
Lighting fixtures are also a recyclable item! | Source

You can Recycle: Clothes irons


So just what can we recycle in today's world?

With so many options on what we can recycle in today's world, this list can be very overwhelming and hard to grasp and remember! So, can I start off with the easier list of 'what can we not recycle' in today's world? In reality, this list is truly is much shorter and easier to remember!

Unrecyclable items include:

  • Paper shredders
  • Cat and dog waste
  • Refurbished ink cartridges
  • Particle board

To my knowledge, this short list of just four items is everything that has no recycling options! If you have other things that you don't think are recyclable please make a comment below and I will be more than happy to get back to you, or sad as ever to add your item to this list.

If you know of something else that does not have a recycling option please make a comment as to the item below and I will be more than happy to let you know if there is a recycling option for your item I question.

You can Recycle: Amps


You can Recycle: Media


You can Recycle: Heating and cooling items


So here is a general list of item categories that you can find recycling options for:

The face of recycling has really taken a drastic change over the course of the last decade... Gone are the days of tossing everything into the trash... And it is about time! Good-bye stressed out landfills!

Small Kitchen Appliances: Coffee pots, toasters, bread makers and more. Here is a link to a Canadian small appliances recycling program:

Home and Car Electronics: Stereos, computers, telephones and more. Here is a link to a Canadian Electronics Recycling website:

Electronic Bathroom Items: Battery operated tooth brushes, digital scales and more

Communication Devices: Walkie talkies, CB radios, home and cell phones & more

Shop and Garage Items: Power tools ~ large and small

Craft and Sewing Items: Sewing machines, roc, polishers, sticker makers and more

Every Day Items: Clocks, batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges and more

Music Equipment: If it has an electronic element, it can now be recycled

Medical Devices: Digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, hearing aids and more

Has the "And More" at the end of nearly every line hit home yet? I LOVE IT! This list is only just the tip of the ice burg...


Reusing is a form of recycling that is getting more and more recognized. Does an item no longer serve a purpose for you? There are many charity stores that would be happy to accept a donation from you!

A quick, fun fact:

Did you know: When you turn a juice box in for recycling that it can be turned into toilet paper?! Really! Who would have thought!!! From your lips to your... Uh...

How green would you rank your life style?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Lou Cannon


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