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Vermiculture: Red Wiggler Composting Worms on Indoor and Outdoor Worm Composting Bins

Updated on April 10, 2017


Vermiculture with Red Wiggler Worms
Vermiculture with Red Wiggler Worms

Vermiculture with Red Wigglers

Vermiculture using worm composting bins is very beneficial with regards to cutting down on your garbage by letting composting worms eat the organic waste part of your garbage and turn it into organic fertilizers which will save you money from buying chemical fertilizers. The product that comes out from the worms is a highly nutritious organic fertilizer called worm castings or worm poop. Worm castings are said to be 5 times richer in Nitrogen, 7 times richer in Phosphates and 11times richer in Potassium than the average garden soil. Vermiculture using Red Wiggler worms are very efficient in composting and producing worm castings- the 2 main reasons why using Red Wiggler worms for Vermiculture is very popular with farmers and gardeners alike.

Eisenia Foetida or Red Wiggler Worms

Red Wiggler Worms
Red Wiggler Worms

Red Wiggler worms for Vermiculture

Red Wiggler composting worms are well known for their hardcore worm composting and worm casting volume production. As composting worms, Red Wigglers are very well known for their record in eating as much as 1 & ½ times their own body weights in 24 hours on an abundance of food. That means that if you got a pound of worms, it can eat as much as 1.5 pounds in 24 hours on high temperatures within their tolerance. As a product from those eating, Red Wiggler composting worms can produce worm castings up to 75% of their total body weights in a day. Your benefits would be cutting down on total garbage volume per day, produce organic fertilizers for free and as an added bonus, you can breed these worms to use as baits for your family's fishing trips. Red Wiggler composting worms are also a favorite to be used as fishing baits and a great educational worm composting for hobby for kids.

Worm Bin

Vermiculture Bins or Worm bins
Vermiculture Bins or Worm bins

Components of Vermiculture Bin

A Vermiculture worm composting system is based on 3 main components, the container, bedding and of course the worms, preferably Red Wiggler composting worms. The container should be more wider than shallow, a popular choice as main material is plastic. Wood will just get eaten over time and can easily rot due to moisture maintenance on the beddings. Red Wiggler worms are classified as Epigeic, meaning they thrive on the upper level of the soil. They won't burrow more than 12 inches from the soil's surface. Bedding can be anything that was once alive or organic. It can be anything from shredded papers, fruits and vegetables peelings, fallen leaves, cut cardboards and straws

Keeping Indoor Worm Bin
Keeping Indoor Worm Bin

Indoor Vermiculture Bin

Indoor Vermiculture is usually a choice for people who reside on the city- those who don't have lawn space. Indoor Worm composting bins are usually kept in the kitchen beneath the sink. Some people are thinking twice to keep worm bins inside their home, but indoor Vermiculture shouldn't be a problem if you take not of the following:

  • Make sure that your worm bin isn't exposed to radiating heat or any hot surface
  • For the container, make sure that the container has enough holes for ventilation and exhaust.
  • Place you worm composting bin where it won't be an obstacle to others, so the bin won't be disturbed and the worms feel safe and won't try to escape or migrate from your worm bin.
  • Always make sure to have a secured lid on it
  • Always make sure that your worms are properly fed. Avoid feeding them dairy products to avoid getting excessive unwanted bad smell and do not feed the worms salty, sour and very old scraps or leftovers because these type

Outdoor Worm Bin
Outdoor Worm Bin

Outdoor Vermiculture Bins

Outdoor vermiculture is usually for the ones who have space outside like a lawn or backyard to do outdoor verrmiculture. An outdoor atmosphere is much preferred when raising a large scale worm farm or vermiculture system. Outdoor Vermiculture bins are usually much larger, industrial worm bins used for large amount brewing of worm tea, composting and production of worm castings. Large scaled outdoor vermiculture bins are usually on high maintenance and on constant change of beddings, PH check up and large amounts of food. When keeping Outdoor Worm composting bins, make sure of the following:

  • Outdoor worm composting bins must not be exposed underneath the sun, worm bins kept outside must have a shed on top of it.
  • Always make sure that the worms are properly fed to prevent migration of worms or escaping from your worm bin
  • Make sure the lid is properly secured to prevent invasion of other animals such as worm-praying predators to invade the bin.

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    Visit Uncle Jim's worm farm for everything about Red Wigglers and Worm Composting.We sell worms for composting: Red Wigglers, African Night Crawlers, Canadian Night Crawlers and Gray Night Crawlers. We also provide products for organic gardening.
    Your number one online resource for composting or for organic gardening supplies. We offer a variety of quality vermicomposting equipment including red worms, compost bins, organic fertilizer, organic weed control and organic pest control. Go Green!

Uncle Jim's Worm Farm

Uncle Jim is an expert on Eisenia Foetida or Red Wigglers. Raising them for more than 20 years now, he has been promoting the importance of the roles that the worms play in our environment. That's why he chose raising Red Wigglers in a farm to share and promote the benefits of these nature's little wonders!

Uncle Jim's seasoned knowledge about worms and gardening has developed many tools for worm composting and gardening that are based on 20 years of experience.


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