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Residential Design: Unique Residential Projects

Updated on March 13, 2011

The design process brings together all of the separate elements of a space and how they will function together. The design process allows you to be creative while applying your design for total functionality. Here are some unique residential design projects that can create a new feel for your home.

Front Porch

You feel like the front of your home is missing something. Adding a front porch will make your home look complete. One important rule with adding a front porch is to stay with the original design of the house. For example, if you have a ranch style home, make the front porch slightly narrower than the front of the house and keep the spindles and railings simple. In this case, it is more to define the entryway than to be used as a gathering space. On the other hand, if you have a two story home, a front porch that covers the entire front of the house will add a great gathering space for friends, family, and neighbors. Wrapping the porch around one side will make the house look larger and can incorporate a curve to give your house some added character. Decorative railings and spindles with intricate moldings may be more appropriate for this type of house depending on your taste.

Steep Hill Side Back Yard

If you have a hill as a back yard, do not be discouraged. There are several ways to create usable, intimate spaces along the hillside.

Terraced Garden

A terraced garden is a garden that moves down a hillside like steps. Each terrace is a few feet tall and will give you a beautiful, usable garden for flowers and vegetables alike. Plant flocks along the edges of the terrace walls to provide a dramatic color pallet to the walls and gardens. Construct the walls out of treated wood, concrete, retaining wall block, even stone.

Multiple Patios

Add small patios along the hillside to create separated nooks for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the scenery. The hillside can be dug back to create these nooks. The soil can be supported with retaining wall block creating a wall which will act as a great point of interest. These patios can be one or more with winding paths connecting them throughout the hillside.

Roof Deck

Your flat roof is the perfect opportunity to install a floating roof deck on top of the roof. Add this unique element to make a gathering space for your friends and family. Floating roof decks are built in sections and are held in place with their weight alone. These decks also improve the longevity of the actual roof as it limits the direct damage from the elements that it would normally incur. Railings and guardrails are mounted to the floating structure so there is absolutely no penetrations through the roof.

With any residential design project, it is important to perform all projects properly.  For information on how to avoid costly mistakes, click here.


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